Paying too much for AdWords

Are You Paying Too Much For Google AdWords?


Every business pays differently for the Google AdWords click rate. Probably you are paying much higher than everyone else and still not getting results

We will guide you step-by-step how to reduce Google AdWords costs and increase response rate.

To minimize AdWords cost it requires a series of creative, trading and technical skills:

Creative Skills
You need to be creative in order to write a compelling and innovative ad that searchers will love to click.

Trading Skills
Trading skills are necessary to keep the costs per click lower by managing bids.

Technical Skills
This skill is required to effectively organize the keywords you bid on different ad groups with ad copy and landing pages.

When it comes to Offline advertisement, all the work is done by specialists. For instance, a creative company will do the design; trader will find an ad placement and time while techies will look after production, print and TV Adverts. However, in AdWords, you have to do it all.

Most Adwords users become one that matches just one of the required skills. Consequently, they use their one skill strength and neglect remaining weakness.  As a result, they fail to use all tools available to create high click through rates and lower costs.

We will look at some tips to create creative, trading and technical skills below:

There are two key metrics namely Clickthrough rate (CTR) and Quality Score (QS) to measure Ad development.

Clickthrough rate (CTR)
It is the way of measuring the success of an ad campaign for a website by calculating a number of clicks on a specific link.

Quality Score (QS)
This score is based on the relevance of your ad to the search terms you are bidding on and to the relevance of your landing page.

The Google Ads with Higher Clickthrough rate and Quality Score are bided on lower costs and ranks higher on a results page. Let’s have a look how can we run Google AdWords effectively by developing creative, trading and techie skills.

Creative Skills
The most important skill you need to have is writing the attractive content of the ad that matches with keywords you are bidding on

Trading Skills
This is the skill through which you can maximize your bid success by gaining control of your bids and lowering your costs.

There are three types of match keywords that can be set on your keywords to control which searches trigger your ads to appear.

Broad match keywords are without punctuation: Keyword

Phrase match keywords have quotation mark:  “Keyword”

Exact match are enclosed in square brackets: [keyword]

If your Broadmatch is positive then it will show your ads to a maximum number of searches. In Boardmatch your ads match with any search containing your keyword.

Techie Skills
First thing is to organize the groups of keywords you are bidding on and make sure your ads and landing pages match your keywords.

What is an Ad Group?
It is a group of keywords you are bidding on which matches with your ad content and landing page.

The last thing you need to remember is to focus on the very specific subject otherwise, your ad will not be fruitful.


To sum it up, in order to run an efficient ad campaign you need to consider learning skills of a Creative, a Trader and a Techie. Otherwise hire an expert if you couldn’t manage it.

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