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How You Can Improve your Website Ranking On Google Yourself

Everyone wants their websites to have better Google search ranking which can give website more traffic and visibility. Google search engine use various algorithms to rank pages in search results. Their algorithm is a secret and it is not shared by the Google itself but there are many basic ways to improve your rank in Google search results using the technique known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

The SEO takes time. There is no quick solution. If someone tells that he you give you fast results then it’s probably a scam. Most important thing you need to make sure is that you have a website which people want to visit. And never use black hat techniques which can later detect by Google and you will end up getting blacklisted.

Following tips can help you increase your website visibility and search ranking:

Tip 1: Keyword Phrases


When someone is on a search engine to find your website, he will write a relevant word and that word is basically a keyword phrase. Your keyword phrase should appear in your content in the first paragraph most preferably. Use words in your articles that people mostly likely to use it while searching. For instance, what keyword phrase might people use to search your website? Try it with your potential customers to find out best words for your content. Moreover, it is highly recommended to use one key subject per page. And avoid irrelevant content together.

Tip 2: Keyword Density
A keyword density means how much your keyword is used in the content. It is recommended to use natural phrasing. Overuse of the keyword to trick the search engine can also get you banned. Your first paragraph should be strong opening to tell people what is your page about. This practice may help search engines find your page.

Tip 3: Title of the Page
Giving a descriptive name to the title of your page is essential. The first thing you notice on display search results is Web page’s title, so it must be related and appropriate. Best practice would be to include page’s keyword phrase in the title.

Tip 4: Links
Links from other websites to your website determine PageRank of your website. More links mean higher PageRank. You can exchange links with other relevant websites or blogs. Furthermore, links to your content of your page should have keyword phrases as well.

Tip 5: Social Networking
Promoting your website on social media sites can affect your rank and can definitely bring more traffic to your website. So make sure you are publishing engaging titles and images to link back to your website.

Tip 6: Mobile Friendly
According to The Verge, more than half of Google searches are now done through mobile. If your website is not mobile-friendly, Google will rank you lower in search rankings. Google indicates on display searches results if the website is mobile friendly or not. Therefore, don’t forget to make it responsive.

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