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How I helped One Kiwi Locksmith Company to grow their business and increase the turn over from $40,000/ year to $500,000/ year in one year?

Generating enough leads with Google AdWords seems like an uphill battle when Keywords bids costs keep increasing daily. For a majority of business owners, it is hard to imagine spending $1 per click or $2 or more per click. What I have personally experienced that 10 years ago, these businesses were happily spending more than $1000 for half-page ads in local papers & yellow pages. And by advertising in the local papers, there was no way of measuring the conversions or see what was working and what’s not working. However, today with Digital Marketing, we can exactly see user behaviour and what keywords are generating more leads and more business. We can even re-target those people who visited your website once and did not place any enquiry.

Being Certified Google Partner, I have seen many businesses grown many folds by advertising their businesses on Google. At the same time, I have seen even more businesses who missed great opportunities because of unknown fears. Some of the most common fears which prevent people from making this big decision are:

1. What if my competitors click on my ads and waste my money?

2. What if I don’t get a return on my investment.

3. What if Google AdWords is a Rocket Science and I just lose my money?

It is simply not possible that your competitors eat your whole budget by clicking on your ads. Google has already thought of this problem and it considers them as invalid clicks, and they don’t count against your ad spend. Secondly, even though Google has made the use of AdWords so simple that anyone with very little computer knowledge can set up AdWords account. But in order to make it effective and get a real good return on investment, you have to dig very deep into it. It actually is a science. To rank your Ad in top spots, it is important to consider Google AdWords’s all ranking factors and then work on it.

Why Google is Google:

Why do you search on Google? Why not Yahoo? Or Why not Bing or any other search Engine? Because Google gives you most accurate search results.

For example, you are a mobile locksmith company based in Manukau. You want people to see your ad when they search for Locksmith anywhere in Auckland region. Now if someone sitting in Albany, Northshore search for Locksmith Company, Google automatically will show locksmiths which are near Albany. Does this mean that this Manuka based Mobile Locksmith company can’t do jobs in Albany? They obviously would love to do jobs in Albany as well, but the main challenge is that people in Albany will not see this Manukau-based company Ad because Google thinks Ad is not relevant because they are in Manukau. To understand this better, let’s dig a bit deeper into it.

CTR (Click Through Rate):

Google only makes money when people click on the ads. When people do not click on the Ads, Google does not make any money. Now if someone sitting in Albany look for Locksmith Company, Google Job is to:

a. Display the most accurate result. Because that’s what Google do.

b. To make sure that Google Displays the ads which Google thinks people will find interested and will click on it.

c. If your Ad is irrelevant, Google will not show your Ad on the top spots. Because Google obviously thinks that:

a. The user is based in Albany.

b. He is looking for a Locksmith Company for some immediate Locksmith needs.

c. If a Google Displays the Ad of a locksmith company based in Manukau, it is highly unlikely that user will click on it.

d. As a result, Google will only waste their real estate space.

e. So Google would rather display ads which Google thinks are more likely to get clicks by the user.

How I helped one Kiwi locksmith company to Increase the turn over from $40,000/ year to $500,000/ year in one year?

When Locksmith Company came to me they had an old website and poor AdWords campaign. They were generating $40,000 revenue annually and were struggling to drive more leads.

They wanted to grow their business throughout Auckland and drive more leads that converted into sales. Since the objective was not to just drive traffic but to focus on sales. In order to achieve this goal, first I did the following changes:

a. I built them a new website using WordPress Content Management System, making their website responsive and easy to update.

b. I designed separate 198 landing pages covering 198 Suburbs of Auckland for Google AdWords tailored to capture leads with an easy call to action buttons. Each landing page was designed for a specific suburb of Auckland. For example:

a. I customized a specific landing page for Manukau to its potential customers by writing relevant content.

b. Each Landing page was advertised for one suburb. I made sure it is only visible to that specific suburb by inserting negative keywords. In this way, Ad looked more fitting and appropriate. Hence ads got a high CTR for each landing pages.

c. I used creative taglines and text to stand out from all the other ads.

d. I manually bided for the Ad to achieve the highest visibility with minimum cost. Hence saving more than half of the advertising budget of the company.

After implementing everything above, I managed to get first place on Google search results. You can see the below results that all locksmiths ads on all relevant keywords search are at the top:

e. After collecting enough data from Google Ads, I crafted the potential customer list for remarketing. For people who are not familiar with the term ‘Remarketing’; it is a campaign that is designed to target the audience who have already visited the site and may not have placed any enquiry. After implementing these strategies we produced the following results in the first month:

200% Increase in total site Traffic

566% Increase in enquiries

Today, this Locksmith Company has increased the turnover from $40,000 per year to $500,000 per year in a just period of one year and still growing. They are now planning to sell Franchises in Hamilton and other cities of New Zealand.

My name is Adam Hyatt and I’m the co-founder of Kiwi Website Design and a Certified Google Partner.

Call Me at 022-3044799 or E mail me for Free 30 minutes consultation. Being a certified Google Partner & Digital Marketing expert for over 10 years, I am confident that I can open Floodgates of Consistently Profitable Traffic for your Website.

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