How to Write Email Subject Lines That Will Increase Your Open Rate By 100%

How to Write Email Subject Lines That Will Increase Your Open Rate By 100%

Email marketing is widely used for reaching a wider audience and for maintaining returning customer. However, if a few people actually open your emails then it might not help you.

Does this happen to you that you have sent emails to your list and only a few of them were opened? If so then you are not alone in this issue.

According to Epsilon’s fourth quarter email analysis, the average open rate for emails is only 27.4%. The problem here is that in order to get the attention of your customers, you need write an effective email subject line that will increase your email’s open rate by 100%.

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Following factors should be taken into account to write an email that people want to open:

A Unique Selling Proposition:
To get the best results from email marketing you need a unique selling proposition. Ask yourself what makes your product unique and better than other products in the market. And how can you present your product to the right people for more clicks?

Personalized Emails:
First and foremost is use people’s name which immediately grabs the attention of the customer. Use ‘first name or last name instead of ‘Dear’ in the subject line.

Ask Right Questions:
Always avoid simple “yes” or “no” questions on email subject lines. Otherwise, there will be no benefit for people to open your email. On the other hand using open-ended questions make the recipient more engaged and eager to read further. Some examples of open-ended questions are: What type of Website do you need? Where should you invest in 2017? Can you tell you what problems you’re facing in your business?

The time it right:
Another factor is the right time with the right subject line that can increase open rate. For instance; write an email at 6:30 P.M. on a Friday evening that says, “Where to Go for Dinner Tonight”  Just in a time for people thinking about dinner plans.

Do tell what’s inside:
It is best to include a subject line that says what’s inside the email like. “Free E-Book” or “Free Trial”. This works perfectly than a simple subject line because it makes it clear that what they are getting into that email.

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