How to choose the best SEO company?

Hiring an SEO company can have multiple advantages. It can help improve your website’s ranking, increase your leads and customers, and lessen your overall marketing cost drastically.

So, the question is, what makes an SEO company remarkable? In simple words, it cares about your business and turns your goals into reality. 

Nowadays, you’ll find countless SEO companies in Auckland. Each one of them is good at something. Therefore, you should not ask, how can I choose the best search engine optimisation company? Instead, you should ask, how can I pick the SEO company that’s suitable for my business?

When you hire an SEO company for your SEO campaign, they usually start with the following tasks:

An SEO agency helps you build your brand authority through content marketing and local optimisation. It also plays a vital role in maintaining your brand’s online presence.

If you have a better site structure, your website will rank higher in search engines. Your website should follow an organised and rigorous design. If you are more careful about your site structure, your website will more likely achieve search excellence.

Before doing anything else, ask yourself why you want to avail the services of an SEO company?

What purpose will it serve to you?

We will help guide you through how to choose the best SEO company that’s right for you and relevant to your business. 

How SEO company Builds Your Online Presence

One of the reasons for hiring an SEO company is that it will use the best resources, tools and strategies to make your business grow online. It helps build your online presence. The SEO company’s dedicated team will work on your website, making it attractive to visitors. The team will help to maximise user experience and create engaging and valuable content.

What’s more, a full-service marketing company that offers all the digital marketing, content creation, website development and advertising services can help you execute an actionable marketing plan from start to end. This type of full-service digital marketing agency takes a holistic approach to aligning your SEO strategy with all your other marketing efforts. They can, for example, build an email list to engage with your potential customers on a daily or weekly basis. Therefore they would place a call-to-action button on your website or a CTA sentence in the SEO content to encourage customers to sign up for newsletters. 

Your chosen company will do on-page SEO (which is all about content and keywords) and off-page SEO(which is all about URL structuring and backlinks). The company will be responsible for posting engaging, high-quality content regularly. It may also use social media platforms to engage and reach out to more customers. 

Set Your Goals before hiring an SEO company

Before choosing an SEO company, you should sit down with your team or with your marketing manager and figure out what goals you are trying to attain with SEO. You can set various SEO goals depending on the type of business you operate and your current market position, such as lead generation and direct marketing, improve e-commerce sales, increase website traffic or online brand awareness, etc. 

When you set well-defined SEO goals for your business, these goals are your lodestar on a path to better results and help your business grow. However, do not make unrealistic goals that don’t matter at all. It would be best if you have a clear picture of the objectives you want to achieve.

These objectives could be related to SEO content writing, link building, local SEO, and e-Commerce SEO. Or your goal might be to rank your website for specific keywords and attract high quality and more relevant traffic to your website. Alternatively, you might be looking to decrease your costs on paid advertising and want to drive your sales directly from organic traffic.

Your target goals will determine what SEO plans and tactics you need. And regardless of how many goals you wish to achieve, make sure you prioritise them first and achieve each goal step by step.

Below are the eight qualities that a professional SEO company should possess:

The SEO company must have a satisfied client’s portfolio

It would help if you looked out what techniques the company is pursuing to optimising clients’ websites. Then you must check the client’s reviews or feedback. Reading through the reviews will give you a perspective from those who were once in a similar position as you but have now achieved success with the SEO company. More satisfied clients would mean the agency has better credibility and expertise.

Experience matters

A great SEO agency possesses a vast experience of better domain knowledge and the ability to solve SEO challenges. You should check the SEO company’s social media followers and Google reviews to underline its popularity. The SEO agency should have clients from a broad range of industries and not only focus on a niche market.

The prospective SEO agency should communicate with you about your SEO campaign’s proposed plan of action and progress. It should clear your doubts about each aspect of the campaign and be able to share their experience from working with a past client(s) in a similar industry as yours.

The best SEO enterprise comprises experienced professionals

The best SEO companies don’t hesitate to mention their employees to the clients. It would help if you asked the agency about its team members. From the strategists to the SEO professionals and project managers, you should be mindful of who is responsible for your project. By knowing the SEO process people and understanding their skills and qualifications, you can better build trust with the SEO company.

Looking through the company’s blogs will give you adequate information about its content quality

Ask the SEO agency in consideration to share with you some case studies to understand its expertise. Go through the in-house blogs published by the SEO agency in this respect. The blogs’ quality and diversity would show the agency’s depth of knowledge and expertise in the field. 

A low price may not offer the right outcomes for your campaign

While price should be one of the factors you consider when choosing an SEO agency, it should not be the sole deciding factor. Low SEO costs do not mean you’ll get the best possible outcome.

Cheap SEO companies might risk your company’s reputation on Google by using black hat tactics to achieve their promised results in a short timeframe. If you are low on budget, you could choose to do SEO yourself, which takes a long time and you might only see a small improvement. But it is better than Google penalising your website or removing it completely when it spots black hat tactics.

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A professional SEO company makes realistic promises to its clients

No SEO company can claim that it will get your website ranked #1 spot on Google results. 

Instead, it will tell you what exactly they will do for you to achieve a good ranking on the first page of the search results. 

First of all, a professional SEO company would perform an audit of your website, homepage, content and/or link profile. Once you’re on board, it will send you monthly reports of your website rankings. Also, your chosen SEO company will add plugins and internal linking across your webpages. They might also provide you with website maintenance to help improve your rankings. 

It’s not an easy feat to get your website ranked. It takes a lot of work to get your website on the first page of Google search results. And it requires consistency, teamwork, proper planning and diligence from the SEO company.

A specialised SEO company frequently communicates with you

Your SEO specialist will be communicating with you time after time. They will discuss any issues about SEO and your website as soon as they spot the issues. You will meet with your SEO specialist weekly, fortnightly, or monthly to benchmark your SEO performance and goals. If the SEO agent doesn’t approach you, you should take the initiative to get in touch with them. It would help if you had an ongoing, constant dialogue with the SEO company about your goals and challenges.

A white hat SEO company improves your search rankings

You will need to be patient with SEO because it takes time to improve your organic search ranking. It is kind of like bodybuilding. If the SEO company starts working now, you won’t see significant results until the third or fourth month. Instead, the effects appear gradually. But if you don’t see any results in six to eight months, you should start questioning them.

When opting for SEO, you might have come across white hat SEO and black hat SEO practices. 

  • White hat SEO practices follow Google’s guidelines for SEO, whereas black hat practices violate those guidelines
  • White hat focuses on quality content and relevant keywords; on the other hand, black hat emphasises keyword stuffing and low-quality content 
  • The former creates keyword-rich page titles and meta description, and the later ignores these details
  • White hat practice is long term whereas black hat is short-lived

So when selecting an SEO company, you must ask them what practices or tactics they will use for your SEO campaign.

How can you work with an SEO company?

There are some steps you can follow when working with an SEO company. 

Build your team who can work one-on-one with the SEO agency

Before working with the SEO company, you should prepare your in-house team and put them on the same page. Convey to them why you need to hire the SEO company and how it will affect your business. You should also select a worker who can directly work with the agency to get the desired results. 

With this, someone from your company can always ensure that the SEO company is working in line with your company culture, goals to work with, expectations, and schedule.

Let SEO company know everything about your business

It would be best to share details about your business with the SEO agency because it helps them develop strategies and plans on the individual level to achieve your goals. The SEO company must have sound knowledge of your business, nature of work and the products/services you offer. 

Wrapping Up

No website can earn its spot on the first page of Google’s search results in a week. You should never choose an SEO company that claims to make your website rank on the top of SERPs in just a matter of a week. There is no way to do that, and there’s no secret optimisation technique either. SEO is a very open field, and it’s well understood. There are no secrets involved in it.

All you need to do is be patient and select the right SEO agency that offers the best returns on investment, i.e. one that boosts your organic traffic and ranking. The steps mentioned above, if followed accurately, can promise your business profitable growth. 

If you need any further information or help tackle SEO, please contact us, so we can provide you with the support you need. At KWD, we’ll ensure you deliver the right type of high-quality content at the right time to your target audience.

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