Waitakere Tree Services Case Study

Waitakere Tree Services Case Study

Saves $2,000/ month!
We save them 24k per year!

Waitakere Tree Services is an Auckland owned and operated company offering a broad range of tree removal, tree care, and stump grinding services. We have worked with Waita Tree Services for AdWords and marketing projects in recent times. When they came to us, their 100% business was coming from Google AdWords. Furthermore, they were spending nearly $4000 per month and were still not able to generate enough sales.

After studying and analysing their previous AdWords campaign, we decided to build the campaigns from scratch.

  • We divided the services into smaller Adgroups and then created separate Landing pages and Adgroups for each of the service.
  • We compared the data with their old Adwords account and added negative keywords accordingly. We found out that they were wasting a lot of money on irrelevant searches.

We were able to deliver the results from the first month:

  • 50% decrease in AdWords expenditure = Saved $2000 per month in AdWords
  • Exceeded monthly enquiries goal by 200%