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What is Local SEO?

July 21, 2020 Seo,

Local SEO is a specific area of online marketing that should be very high on your priority list if most of your customers either come from the local area or are in the vicinity of your business. With local SEO in Auckland, you can increase the visibility of your business on Google’s search results pages as well as elsewhere.

This will help you achieve your online marketing objectives, whether that is to get people to visit your physical location, make a booking, or call to make an enquiry.

To highlight the point further, 46 percent of searches on Google are classified as local searches. If you own a local business, you need to get on board with local search.

What is a Local Search?

Let’s start at the beginning – what is a local search?

One of Google’s primary objectives is to determine the search intent of people using its platform. It doesn’t want to simply match websites with the phrases typed into its search box. Instead, it wants to provide contextual answers to queries.

One of the ways it does this is by treating local searches differently to other types of search.

A local search is where Google determines the person is looking for a business or solution in their locality.

What Does Google Do Differently with Local Search Results?

Google changes the appearance of its search results pages for local searches to give more prominence to local businesses. This could even be businesses that have no website as well as businesses that have no SEO strategy. In other words, businesses that may not appear in a high position in Google’s standard listings.

After all, the best solution for the search query may not be the big business that invests heavily in SEO but instead the local business that delivers exactly what the Google search user is looking for.

Google gives prominence to local businesses on its search results pages by including local search sections. These sections stand out on the page from the standard search results and they provide more information. This can include things like opening hours, location information, and links to call or visit the website.

The standard search results still appear on the page, but the businesses that get included in local search sections have greater visibility.

More Than Google Search

Local SEO isn’t just about Google search results pages either, as your business can appear in other parts of Google too. One of the most important is Google Maps, a tool that can bring additional traffic to your website and potential customers to your business.

Why is Local SEO Important?

As already mentioned, the Google algorithm is smart enough to find businesses and include them in local search sections of search results pages, whether the business has a website or not. So, why should you invest time and resources in local SEO?

SEO in Auckland – in fact, across all New Zealand – is getting more and more competitive. In other words, if your competitors haven’t yet seen the potential of local SEO, they probably will at some point.

Therefore, you need to invest in local SEO to ensure your business stands out.

What Does Local SEO Involve?

The Google tool Google My Business is the starting point and most important element of local SEO. It is free to use and lets you provide Google with information about your business. This includes things like what your business does, your location, your contact details, and your opening hours.

So, the starting point of local SEO is to claim or create your Google My Business listing. You then need to optimise it.

Other key parts of local SEO include:

  • Mobile search optimisation through responsive website design
  • Localising your website
  • NAP (name, address, and phone number) citations on third-party websites
  • Managing online reviews and ratings


If you are a local business and potential customers use Google to find the products or services you offer, they are doing so via local searches. To maximise opportunities for your business, you need to develop and implement a local SEO strategy.