What are the best ways to get high quality backlinks?

Backlinks are one of the most important things when we talk about SEO. With the advent of Google, SEO began to gain more traction, and backlinks became a major element of SEO. So without backlinks there is no other way around to rank higher in Google search engine. In order to rank higher you need to get quality links from authority site.
As building backlinks is a very critical process to the success of SEO, this article will talk about different ways to get quality backlinks for your blog/website.
First and foremost, you need to install the SEO Quake Toolbar. This will help you identify the PR of the page where you will insert comment with a link to your website. As manual blog commenting can take some time, it’s important to choose our targets wisely.

One of the best tools to get started with is SEO Quake. Simple go to to Click on the “Install” button and it will be added to your browser toolbar.


Another tool which I recommend is Drop My Link. Go to and enter your target keyword and hit search.

Drop my link

Check to see which results have enough page-level PR to make posting a comment worth your while. This one looks promising.


Now Scroll down to the bottom of the page and see if there’s still an active comment area. It is not recommended to drop an anchor text link by putting your keyword in the “Name” field because it has two downsides. Firstly, it sets you up for a Penguin penalty and secondly it puts a target on your back as a spammer. Instead, use the name of your site or your own name. Now glance over the article and drop a thoughtful comment.

Post a comment

Furthermore if the blog auto-approves your comments, it doesn’t mean they won’t moderate them eventually. If you have a natural anchor text link along with an insightful comment, you’ll probably survive. Moreover, you can also use Drop My Link to find .gov blogs that allow comments. And repeat the process.

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