How To Reduce Cost Per Click?

How to reduce cost per click?

You may be using AdWords already assuming from the article title that you are looking to reduce the cost of your AdWords. When it comes to AdWords, it is easy to set up an account and put in automatic mode and let Google do the job for you. However, it may target the wrong audience and eventually your whole marketing budget will go in vein.


So what’s the solution?
There is no easy solution for the lower cost per click. Even if you are using it in manual mode then there are so many things to consider before jumping in and trying it through hit and trial method.

Nowadays finding a lower Cost Per Click (CPC) for the keywords of your AdWords campaign is the very important step in becoming competitive. And achieving a lower CPC is also depends on your industry, product, and location. Here are some tips that if applied properly could help you reduce cost per click.

Lower Bids
Lower the bids of keywords which received a lot of impressions but didn’t generate any sales or leads for your business.

Increase Bids
Similarly, increase the bids for keywords that are converting into sales or bringing more customers to your website. This would increase the position of your ads, such that if they were placed at #4, now they can be at #1, assuming you’re on search networks.

One Campaign per time
It is better to start with one campaign and manually fill the bids. This can be time-consuming but it will result in better campaign result.

Use the Average CPC
The average CPC shows you the exact amount that you are spending per click on any specific keywords. When you enter the bidding section, you have to account for your bid manually.

It is important to have your average CPC to be lower than the bid you decide on because your actual bid is usually the maximum CPC that you are going to spend on any given click. Therefore, It is important to choose a default bid that’s close to the average CPC in your campaigns so that you can maintain your ad’s ranking or increase its position without spending additional money on clicks. Furthermore, you need to run the ads for several days, or even weeks, before making a decision about which bidding strategy you should adopt.

Use search networks only
The reason behind using only search network is that if you select display networks then you will get more irrelevant clicks than relevant clicks and eventually you will waste your money.

Before even deciding on whether you should go for display network or not, you should ask yourself that do you want to show your ads on irrelevant websites where you may not be having the target audience.

So instead of using display networks, it is better to increase your CPC that will send relevant traffic to your website.

You can also check the performance of both search network and display network by pausing one ad and testing out the other one.

Include Long Tail Keywords

Long Tail Keyword
It is extremely important to focus on long-tail keywords as in the beginning you cannot afford to waste money on generic head keywords like Bus, Engineer, Car which mostly big brands go for. Big brands may not benefit from Long tail keywords as they reach is huge. However, if you are starting out, you cannot go after head keywords in competition with huge budget brands. Remember these long-tail keywords may generate high CTR but you may surely get relevant clicks which you will end with a sale.

Adjust bids based on location, day and time
One of the most important factors in achieving the high result is to focus on adjusting keywords bids based on locations, days, and times.

You can implement this trick by monitoring you ads results and then changing bids. For instance, you can increase your bid on ads which are performing better and generating sales while on the other hand, you can lower the bids of ads which had no sale on that particular day or time.

Google AdWord has a huge target audience. You can get sales and even double your revenue in 24 hours if things are done right. Moreover, it is very difficult for an individual to master all the techniques when you have a limited time and budget. In that case, it is necessary to hire a PPC consultant to fix everything for you. At Kiwi Website Design we are offering Google AdWords marketing package so if you are planning use PPC advertising platform don’t hesitate to call us or just shot us an email.

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