How you can grow web traffic without SEO

If you don’t have much budget and looking for new ways to drive traffic other than SEO, email marketing, social media, or guest post then this article is for you.
In this article, I will show you how to drive targeted traffic and reach thousands of people for free via Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Twisted Guest Blogging and by Partnering with others.

Kindle Select 90-Day Traffic Plan
Do you know that self-published books now represent 31% of e-book sales in the Amazon Kindle Store? Before the emergence of Amazon Kindle store and other similar online bookstore, you use to need thousands of dollars with a large publishing house to get a book published. That is now changed. Anyone can publish a book within a day. And this technique can be used to drive traffic to your website or blog.

When you publish your Kindle book, you can enroll your book in the “Kindle Direct Publishing Select Program.” That makes your book exclusive to the Kindle Store for 90 days and includes it in the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library, where thousands of targeted readers can borrow it for free. Furthermore, you can run a free promotion for a paid e-book for 5 days.

To drive traffic to your website through your Kindle book you can place a link directly inside your book and another way is using free giveaways.

Twisted Guest Blogging
This is a unique approach, very different from typical guest blogging and this is the reason it is given the title “twisted”.

According to Neil Patel, one blogger recorded a 203% increase in traffic growth, in 2013, when his guest posts were featured on high-traffic and relevant blogs.
So how that blogger got thousands of people to read his guest post, here are the three steps he followed for guest posting:

1. Research blogs with social influence
2. Checking the top ranking websites
3. Pitch them one by one

And get featured by one of the blogs which accept your guest post.

Partner with Others
We can place a badge of company on our website or blog or share our content with other blogs in exchange for them driving traffic back to your blog. In this way, we can partner with them. There are many popular blogs that are looking for quality content and if you provide it to them they will have no issues in linking back to your website.

In order to get this partnership you have consistently reached them and most probably you will get one ‘yes’ call out of every 10 blogs you hit.

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