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Custom Website Design

Stand out from your competition

Appeal to your customers and improve the results you get from online marketing with our custom website design services. At Kiwi Website Design, we can design and build your whole website, or we can add new functionality and features to your existing site.

The website you get from us will:

  • Look fantastic
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Be future-proof
  • Work and look great on any device
  • Properly represent your brand
  • Optimise the promotion of your products or services
  • Get conversions

Our team of website designers has extensive experience. That team includes visual designers, programmers, website user experience specialists, and SEO specialists. They all work together to deliver according to your brief and help you achieve your objectives.

Our clients range from well-known national companies, international businesses, and local businesses. They come to us for custom website design services because of our skills and our customer-centric approach. They also come to us because we focus on results.

Whatever you want your website to do, and however you want it to look, we’ll make it happen.

What Are Custom Website Design Services?

Many of the websites you see on the internet use templates. The website designer then customises the template according to the client’s needs and to add client-specific branding and content. This is a fast way of designing a website plus the designers require very little programming knowledge.

Developing a website using templates has significant limitations, however, particularly if you want functions or design features the template can’t handle.

In addition, a website built using a template will look very similar to all the other websites using that template. In other words, your website will not be unique.

Custom website design involves building your website from scratch, without using a template. This method of website design delivers a far superior result both in terms of how the website looks and how it works. In fact, there are practically no limitations with custom website design. There are no functionality compromises either.

This means your website will perform better for your business, including generating sales and/or leads.

Why Do I Need a Custom Website?

A custom website looks better than those designed using templates, plus it can have all the design features you want. In addition, a custom website will deliver better performance as you only get what you need. Template-based websites, on the other hand, include a lot of features – and, therefore, code – that you don’t use. This negatively impacts performance.

Your custom website will also be genuinely unique. This is the most professional option for your business.

How Do You Work?

We will start by getting an understanding of your business, products, and services. We will also audit your existing website and any digital marketing campaigns you run. Another important piece of information we get from you is details of your objectives, i.e. what you want to achieve with the new design.

In addition, we will make sure we have a full understanding of your requirements and expectations.

With this information, we will develop a concept design for you to check and approve. Once you are happy with the design and approach we are taking, we will start work on the programming. After that, we will go through the testing and approval phases before launching your website live.

Can You Add Custom Animations to My Website?

Yes. We have experience with creating animations using jQuery so can design and code what you need.

I am Interested in Unique Design Styles to Make My Website Stand Out, Such as a Parallax Design. Can You Do That?

Yes, we can deliver any style of website you want, including parallax designs, flat designs, eCommerce websites, lead generation sites, landing pages, and much more.

Can You Make My Website Mobile Friendly?

If we are designing your full website, we will ensure it is mobile friendly. In fact, we often take a mobile-first approach to custom website design, although this depends on what you want us to build and the devices your audience prefers to use.

In addition, we can optimise your existing website to ensure all functions work on mobile devices and to enhance the user experience. We will also ensure your website delivers a high conversion rate when it is viewed on a mobile device.

How Much Does Custom Website Design Cost?

The exact cost of custom website design depends on what you want. Most custom website designs, however, start at around $4,000.

Get a quote for custom website design by contacting us today.


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