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Custom Website Development

Do you need specific website functionality that you can’t buy off-the-shelf? Do you need an application for your customers or to automate and improve internal business processes? Have you an idea for an application that you would like to sell or promote? If so, we can help.

At Kiwi Website Design, we offer a full range of custom website development services. This includes:

  • Custom HTML and CSS design for all types of website
  • Custom website design that doesn’t use templates
  • HTML5 application development
  • Custom PHP work
  • JavaScript coding, ASP.NET, jQuery, and more
  • Database design and development

Our experienced team can give you advice on what is possible for your budget, and we can develop a scope of work that puts a structure on your plans. We then do all the design, development, testing, integration, and deployment work in-house. Our team is all highly experienced, and they operate according to up-to-date programming standards.

The result is a website, application, or feature that delivers on your requirements. It will work on all devices, not just on the programmer’s computer. The code we deliver will also work according to real-world expectations as we will take time getting to know what the users of the software want and expect.

In other words, you will get a return on investment when you get custom website development from us.

What Is the Difference Between Website Development and Website Design?

There is quite a big difference between website design and website development. Website design involves creating the visual aspects of a website.

We offer website design, but we also specialise in custom website development services. This means we are highly skilled at designing websites, but we also have experienced programmers on our team. This enables us to create software applications that run on the internet.

Our programmers also enable us to offer completely bespoke solutions, ensuring you get exactly what you need in terms of functionality as well as a uniqueness.

Do You Programme in PHP?

Yes, we have extensive PHP experience. We can create a website solution in PHP from the ground up, or we can enhance and improve your existing PHP website and applications. All our work is fully tested and documented as well as being written cleanly to ensure maximum performance.

Can You Develop Plugins for WordPress?

We have experience developing WordPress plugins to solve specific problems or to add a feature to a website. In addition, we have clients who come to us with an idea for a WordPress plugin which we then help them publish and deploy on the WordPress platform. We can do the same for you.

I have a .net Website. Can You Help Me with Development?

Yes, we do work on ASP.Net including designing websites, upgrading .net websites, optimising .net websites, enhancing .net websites, add functionality to .net websites, creating .net applications, and more.

How Much Does Website Development Cost?

Custom website development typically starts from around $4,000 although it completely depends on the scope of work and what is required. In all cases, you can be sure of high standards of coding and the best possible design. Find out more by contacting us today.


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Our Services

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