Google Adwords Management

Google Adwords Management

Lowering the cost of pay-per-click advertising

And convert the WEBSITE TRAFFIC into customers.
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Google AdWords Management Service Auckland

We at KWD offer top of the line google adwords management at an affordable price with a highly experienced team.

Google AdWords can get traffic to your website. To make a return from Google AdWords, however, you need optimized campaigns. In other words, you need to ensure you are getting the right traffic, that you pay as little as possible for every click, and that a maximum number of those clicks convert into leads or customers.

The AdWords campaigns we run for you will be fully optimized and will deliver on all the above objectives.

Here’s what you can expect from KWD:
  • Keyword and audience targeting that ensures people with purchasing intent see and click on your ads
  • Ad creatives that stand out and get clicks
  • Campaigns that fully adhere to Google AdWords’ policies – accounts we manage don’t get banned
  • Landing page strategies and landing page designs that maximize conversions

Whether you have experience with AdWords or have used an agency to run your campaigns before, we will get better results. Our team has managed well over $1 million in client AdWords spend over the past 10+ years so has the knowledge and experience required to get you the best return.

In other words, we will help you grow your business and increase your sales. Find out more today.

Why choose KWD

  • 14 Years in Business
  • 1000+ Websites Developed numerous custom softwares and custom web apps
  • Certified Google Partner following Google’s Best Practices
  • Excellent Support.
  • $1 Million + Spent in Google AdWords on Behalf of Clients
  • 100+ Highly competitive keywords ranked on 1st page of Google.
Google AdWords Management
Are You a Certified Google Partner?
Yes, we are a fully qualified and certified AdWords partner. This certification combined with our extensive experience will give you peace of mind in the effectiveness of our AdWords strategy.
How Do You Maximise Return on Investment for My AdWords Campaigns?

We maximize return on investment for your AdWords campaign by optimizing each element. This includes the keywords, negative keywords, keyword match strategy, audience, bidding strategy, bid amount, ad text, ad call-to-action, landing page, and more.

By optimizing, testing, analyzing results, and optimizing again, the AdWords campaigns we run for your business will generate profitable and consistent sales.

What is CTR?

CTR stands for Click Through Rate. It is the percentage of people who click on your ad to visit the landing page on your website. So, if 100 people see your ad and 10 of them click on it, the CTR is 10 percent.

There are two important things to remember about CTR. The first is you need the right people clicking on your ads. After all, there is no point having a high CTR if very few of the people clicking have buying intent.

When the right people are clicking on your ad, however, it is important you get as many of them as possible. This means having a CTR that is as high as possible.

There are multiple reasons for having a high CTR. Of course, a high CTR means a lot of people are visiting your landing page. The more people who visit your landing page, the more people you will be able to convert into customers.

A high CTR also improves your overall AdWords campaign as it reduces the cost-per-click. Google takes into account a number of factors when calculating your cost-per-click, and CTR is one of them. From its perspective, a high CTR means its users like your ad and think it answers what they are looking for. Google’s reward for this is a lower cost-per-click for your campaign.

In other words, a high CTR improves the return on investment for your AdWords campaign.

Do You Create Landing Pages?

Landing pages are a crucial part of all AdWords campaigns we run. We will first develop a landing page strategy designed to achieve the best possible results for your business.

We will then design the individual landing pages as well. We custom design all our landing pages from scratch. In most situations, you will need more than one as it is best to use different landing pages for different products, locations, campaign objectives, etc.

We can design the landing page for your campaign whether or not we designed your website. The design will benefit from our extensive knowledge of building successful landing pages, plus we use live data from your campaign to analyze the landing page’s effectiveness and make optimization improvements.

What Does the Setup Fee Cover?

The setup fee can cover the initial setup your Google AdWords account if you don’t have one. It also covers the initial consultation with our AdWords specialists, so they get an understanding of what you want to promote on AdWords.

Your specialist will also be able to advise on things you can do to optimize results. An example is creating an offer to be promoted on AdWords.

The setup fee also covers the keyword research stage of the process. This involves identifying the keywords most likely to get the best results as well as an initial batch of negative keywords.

We also research the competition, analyzing the keywords they target, the ads they run, and their landing pages.

Once we have all this information we set the campaign up in AdWords as well as building the landing pages. We can also set up your Google Analytics account to properly track results from the AdWords campaign. This includes setting up campaign goals in Analytics including contact form goals and phone call conversion goals.

This enables us to give you reports which not only show the number of clicks, CTR, and cost-per-click but also how many of those clicks resulted in someone phoning you or completing a contact form on your website.

What is the Monthly Management Fee For?

The monthly management fee includes analyzing your campaigns and regularly optimizing them. This involves running split tests, refreshing ad copy, adding new negative keywords, updating the keyword research and targeting, and reviewing the bidding strategy.

All this is essential for an effective AdWords campaign as the only way you can get consistent results and a return on investment is to continually optimize.

What Does the Setup Fee Cover?

The cost varies depending on your requirements, but the setup fee is 4typically between $400 and $1,000 with the variation depending on the size of the campaign. The monthly management fee is usually between $100 and $350.

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