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There are times when off-the-shelf software either doesn’t meet your requirements or doesn’t exist at all. In these situations, you need Kiwi Website Design, the leading software development company in Auckland.

Here are some things you can expect when you use us as your software developer:

Examples of why this happens include:

  • Completely bespoke software designed according to your specifications
  • Fully branded for your company or product, as required
  • Easy-to-use functions and an intuitive layout
  • Well-written code that is fully documented and marked up
  • Robust testing procedures to eliminate bugs
  • Scalable solutions that will benefit your company for many years to come
  • Full implementation, integration, and user training
  • Comprehensive post-implementation support

Our team includes programmers and project managers who have extensive experience working on a wide range of software projects. This includes web applications, business process management applications, customer-facing applications, communication solutions, database tools, utility software, data management software, automation software, and much more.

From our base in Auckland, we serve many local clients in addition to clients in other parts of New Zealand and further afield. Our clients choose us because of our experience of all sizes and complexity of project, and because of the quality of work we deliver.

They also choose us because we take a customer-focused approach to software development. In other words, the software we create will properly integrate with your IT and, crucially, with the way your team works.

If you need a software development company in Auckland, please contact us today.

What Type of Software Do You Develop?

We develop a wide range of business and customer-facing software applications. This includes CRMs, web applications, desktop applications, and mobile apps. Our clients use the software we develop to improve internal business processes, make their IT more secure, and to give them better and more relevant access to data.

The customer-facing software we develop includes software that your clients install and/or use on their own device, as well as software that enhances their interaction with your company.

What is Your Software Development Experience?

Our team of developers all have advanced skillsets and continue to improve their skills and acquire new knowledge. Our project manages also have extensive experience.

Kiwi Website Design has been in operation for over 10 years, completing thousands of projects over that period of time.

How Does Your Development Process Work?

The exact process will depend on the project and your needs.

A broad outline of our approach is covered in the following eight steps:

  • We start by getting an understanding of what you want the software to do. This includes the functions and features you want the software to have. We also learn about your company and the users of the software.
  • Following the initial discussions, we will create a specification and requirements document outlining and explaining the software we will develop.
  • The designers on our team will create wireframes and mock-ups of the visuals of the software for your approval.
  • Our programmers will research, design, and code the software, working via an agile development model that allows for continuous testing, tweaking, and improvement-making to the software during the development phase.
  • Testing then takes place, ensuring this testing mimics real-life scenarios as much as possible. Any errors discovered during the formal testing phase are corrected.
  • We then implement the software. This can include releasing it to you, integrating it with your existing system, or installing it locally or in the cloud. Further testing takes place at this stage to ensure the software works as expected in the live environment.
  • We’ll conduct training for your users, if required.
  • Handover and post-launch support, depending on the maintenance and support options you choose.

What Programming Languages Do You Use?

We code in a vast range of programming languages including, PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, Python, Java, C, Ruby, C#, and more.

Why Choose Kiwi Website Design for Software Development?

The quality of the work you get from us will be second to none. In other words, you can be sure the software we develop will meet your expectations and deliver a return on investment.

In addition, we develop software that is modern, fast, future-proof, scalable, and easy-to-use.

Our customer service is excellent too, with fantastic communication and a commitment by our friendly team to deliver on your objectives.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Software Developed?

The cost of software development is hard to generalise because it depends on the complexity and scale of the project.

Give us a call today to discuss what you want to achieve with your new software. Once we have a better understanding, we’ll be able to give you an accurate, free, and no-obligation quote.


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