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Having a website will not benefit your business unless you get people to visit it. There are lots of strategies you can use to get website traffic, with one of the most effective being Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO.

SEO improves the Google rankings of your website’s pages. In other words, your website and its pages will appear in a better position on Google’s SERPs results – Search Results Pages.

This will bring more organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic includes visitors that get to your website via Google search, excluding those who click on an ad to get to your website (if you run Google AdWords campaigns).

So, how do you improve your SEO rankings? To do this, you need the right SEO company Auckland.

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  • URL:
  • Niche: Digital Marketing
  • Audience: Local (New Zealand)
  • Search Engine:
  • Service Offered:: Complete Onpage & Offpage Search Engine Optimization for 100+ Keywords

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SEO Services Auckland – What We Will Achieve for Your Business

Kiwi Website Design is a specialist SEO service provider. We work with local businesses across Auckland, as well as national brands, developing tailored SEO strategies. Our strategies get real results. This means more traffic to your website which can translate into new sales and leads.

SEO is not a straightforward process, though – it doesn’t happen by chance. In fact, this applies to any city in New Zealand or anywhere else in the world, i.e. to get real results, you need expert SEO services Auckland.

Case Study

Oaks Property

  • URL:
  • Niche: Real Estate
  • Audience: Local (New Zealand)
  • Search Engine:
  • Service Offered: Complete Onpage & Offpage Search Engine Optimization for 100+ Keywords

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The Results You Can Expect from Us

  • Your website and its pages will appear in Google search results for a greater number of keywords. These are often referred to as long-tail keywords. We will also improve the ranking of your website for highly converting keywords that are appropriate to your business. After all, you want more than organic traffic from Google – you want traffic that turns into sales. Targeting the right keywords with your SEO strategy is an important part of achieving this.
  • The ranking of your website on search results pages will improve. In other words, we will improve the position of your website for keywords that you already rank for. The objective is always to get your pages as close to position one as possible. Another objective is to get your website above your local competitors.
  • We will ensure your business and website appears in Google for as many of your products and services as possible. After all, potential customers searching for a specific product are likely to be further along the buying journey than people doing more general searches. We’ll help get them to your website to give you the best possible chance of converting them into a paying customer.
  • Increased brand awareness, an improved conversion process, and more potential customers contacting your business. The specifics will depend on your objectives, but the right SEO strategy will help you achieve them.

Choosing an SEO Company Auckland

Getting the right SEO strategy is not easy. After all, there is a lot of competition for places on Google’s search results pages. In addition, Google does not explain exactly how its search algorithm works.

As a result, you need a team of SEO specialists with a proven track record of success. That’s what you get when you use Kiwi Website Design to develop and implement an SEO strategy for your business.

If Google doesn’t explain exactly how its search algorithm works, how can we be so sure of success? Our team are experts in the industry and we stay up-to-date with all Google communications and updates in relation to search. In addition, we use our collective decades-long experience to create and implement SEO strategies for our clients. In other words, we’ve done it before, and we can do it for your business too.

Crucially, our team only uses Google-friendly strategies plus they focus on achieving long-term, sustainable results. This isn’t the same as all companies offering SEO services Auckland. In fact, many take shortcuts and use potentially damaging strategies. We do SEO the right way, however, so our results are real, and they stand the test of time.

To find out more about the SEO services Auckland we offer as well as how, with our help, you will get more traffic from Google, please contact us today.

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Unique Services

  • URL:
  • Niche: Industrial Cleaning
  • Audience: Local (New Zealand)
  • Search Engine:
  • Service Offered: Complete Onpage & Offpage Search Engine Optimization for 100+ Keywords

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SEO services with Guarantee

Most guarantees and promises you hear about SEO are not worth the paper they are written on.

At Kiwi Website Design, we back up our guarantee with results and facts.

Just look at the results we’ve achieved for our own business. We rank on the first page of Google for highly competitive keywords like “website design”, “website design Auckland”, and “SEO Company Auckland”. There are about 900 other digital agencies in Auckland competing for these keywords, but we consistently beat them to the first page.

Plus, we’ve achieved the same results for hundreds of our clients.

Case Study

Nz Immigration

  • URL:
  • Niche: Immigration Consultant
  • Audience: Local (New Zealand)
  • Search Engine:
  • Service Offered: Complete Onpage & Offpage Search Engine Optimization for 100+ Keywords

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So, here’s our SEO guarantee:

  • If we can’t get your keywords to the top positions in Google within an agreed time period, we’ll keep working for FREE until your website is on the first page
  • We have a proven track record of providing high-quality SEO services Auckland
  • We’ll show you examples of real results we have achieved in the past
  • We have expert SEO knowledge and you’ll get advice from our friendly and helpful team
  • We’ll create a comprehensive SEO strategy for your business
  • We’ll take a proactive approach to improve your website’s search engine rankings

So, forget fake promises and choose an SEO company Auckland that understands SEO inside out – and backs up what we say with real, tangible results. Call us today.

Case Study

Nu View

  • URL:
  • Niche: Window Cleaning Company
  • Audience: Local (New Zealand)
  • Search Engine:
  • Summary: Complete Onpage & Offpage Search Engine Optimization for 100+ Keywords

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Everything You Need to Know About SEO

If you would like to learn more about SEO before deciding on an SEO company, read on. Below is a brief introduction to SEO, its key concepts, potential strategies, and things you should avoid.

Case Study

Duraflex NZ

  • URL:
  • Niche: Industrial and Construction Products
  • Audience: Local (New Zealand)
  • Search Engine:
  • Service Offered:: Complete Onpage & Offpage Search Engine Optimization for 100+ Keywords

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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO involves various actions that ensure Google understands the structure of your website and the content contained on it. It also involves improving your website, so it adheres to Google’s best practice guidelines. Finally, SEO involves enhancing the reputation of your website.

The various actions that form an SEO strategy can be split into two broad categories: on-site SEO and off-site SEO. Keywords are central to both these branches of an SEO strategy.

When thinking about SEO, you should do so from Google’s perspective. More specifically, you should think about Google’s priority when it presents a search results page to a user. In simple terms, it wants to answer the user’s question in the best way possible. The websites it shows at the top of page one on a search results page are the websites Google believes provide the answer the searcher is looking for.

Part of our SEO services, therefore, involves ensuring the pages on your website answer Google search queries (or keywords – see below) better than any of your competitors. This is only part of an SEO strategy, of course, but it is an important part.

Case Study

Advanced Build

  • URL:
  • Niche: Transportable Home Manufacturers
  • Audience: Local (Auckland, New Zealand)
  • Search Engine:
  • Service Offered:: Complete Onpage & Offpage Search Engine Optimization for 100+ Keywords

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What Are Keywords?

Google’s search tool operates via keywords. In other words, the words, phrases, and questions you type into the search box on Google are all keywords. They can be one-word long or multiple words.

Google then matches these keywords with the website pages it has in its index. When doing this, it determines which of the pages in its index are most likely to answer the user’s query. It then ranks these pages according to relevance.

So, when developing an SEO strategy, it is essential to understand the most important keywords for your website. Your SEO strategy must then focus on those keywords.

This starts with keywords research to identify the keywords that people use when searching for your business, products, or services. In addition to understanding the keywords that people use, keywords research also gives you an estimate of the volume of searches Google gets for each keyword.

One mistake that many less experienced SEO Auckland companies make is to focus their efforts on the keywords that have the highest volume of searches.

This is not an effective strategy for two reasons:

  • It is often difficult (or even impossible) to get a high ranking in Google search for high-volume search terms. This is because most are highly competitive. In addition, that competition will often be better resourced than an Auckland-based SME, i.e. businesses that appear at the top of a competitive search results page will have a higher SEO budget and a bigger site.
  • High-volume keywords don’t directly translate into more sales. This is because high-volume search terms are often generic. This means the people using them are usually not ready to make a buying decision. As a result, it is almost always better to focus on search terms that people use when they are closer to making a buying decision. These keywords inevitably have lower search volumes.

As we focus on results at Kiwi Website Design, the SEO strategy we will develop for your business will target keywords that will get the best results for your business.

On-Site and Off-Site SEO

To improve the organic ranking of your website on Google’s search results pages, you need both on-site and off-site strategies. This is what a proper SEO service will deliver.

What is the difference between onpage SEO and offpage SEO, however? Below is a brief explanation of each.

Onpage SEO

Onpage SEO involves changing your website to optimise it for Google search. Here are some examples:

Header Tags

Adding and/or updating your pages with header tags, i.e. adding properly structured sub-headings to the pages on your website.

Page Text

Updating the text on the pages of your website. This includes adding keywords, keyword variations, and structuring the text properly. Part of this may involve re-writing the content to make it more appealing both to users and to Google.

Page Titles

Optimising page titles because Google displays page titles on its search results pages. To get the best results, they should be properly structured.

Schema Markup

Adding and/or updating schema markup (structured data) – see below.

Meta Descriptions

Adding and/or updating meta descriptions. Google often uses meta descriptions on its search results pages – they are the two lines of text that describe each of the links.

Google says it doesn’t use meta descriptions as a ranking factor, but it does use click-through-rate. In other words, it helps your rankings in Google when users click on links to your website.

The meta description of each of your website’s pages can help increase the number of clicks you get, providing they are properly written and structured. In other words, meta descriptions do help with SEO even though they are not a ranking factor.

Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly

This involves ensuring your website is responsive, so it displays properly on mobile devices. This is crucial, and its importance will only increase the more people use mobile phones to search on the internet. Google has two policies that will negatively impact your website if it is not responsive.

Firstly, unless your website is mobile-friendly, it won’t show your website on search results pages when the user searches using a mobile. Secondly, Google now has a mobile-first indexing policy. This means it checks and analyses the mobile version of your website before it looks at the desktop version. If your website doesn’t function properly on mobile devices, the results you get will be limited.


Speeding up and optimising the page load time of your website. Speed has always been important to Google plus it has data that shows user dissatisfaction with websites that take more than a second or two to load. Our SEO services include analysing the speed of your website and making recommendations on how it can be improved. Our development team can even implement those improvements if you choose.

Offpage SEO

Offpage SEO, or off-site SEO, includes actions that promote your website to third-parties. The aim is to get mentions and, ideally, backlinks from those third-party sites.

Backlinks are when other websites link back to your website on their page. From Google’s perspective, backlinks are like votes of confidence in your website. Backlinks also help Google get a better understanding of what your page/website is about.

The importance of backlinks led many disreputable SEO service providers to start faking them for clients. Essentially, this involved generating low-quality links in very high volumes. The theory worked for a while as the more links you can get to a website the better. We never took this approach and our decision has paid off as Google is now much more effective at dealing with websites that have fake links. This can include giving the website a penalty.

So, it still remains the case that Google gives high rankings to websites that have a lot of backlinks, but those backlinks must come from reputable sources. When you come to us for SEO services, we will deliver a strategy that will achieve this.

One method we use is content marketing. Content marketing and/or blogging are the modern and most accepted methods of achieving mentions and backlinks. In other words, you publish high-quality content on your website that is helpful, informative, entertaining, or a combination of all three. Importantly, you must write the content for readers to ensure it is of value to them. They will be much more likely to give you a link when you do this.

Another tool you can use is social media, i.e. sharing content from your website on your business social media account. This will help increase your followers on social media and encourage interaction with your brand. It is widely believed by SEO experts like ourselves that Google uses social media interactivity as one of its ranking factors. So, while social media can directly deliver positive results for your business, it can also help with SEO.

What is Schema Markup?

Schema markup involves changing the code of your website so Google can understand the content better. When it understands the content, it can improve how your website appears in its search results pages.

Some examples of how schema markup improves the appearance of your website in search include the addition of extra website links, industry-specific content, star-ratings, and more.

While SEO is one of our specialities at Kiwi Website Design, it is only one of our departments. So, if our SEO experts recommend an improvement to the schema markup of your website, we have website developers capable of making those changes quickly and effectively.

What is Blackhat SEO and What is Whitehat SEO?

There are many SEO so-called experts who use tactics that aim to “cheat” the Google algorithm. This is known as blackhat SEO. An example is purchasing backlinks for your website rather than earning them legitimately.

Blackhat strategies almost always result in a penalty that pushes your website down Google’s search engine rankings – considerably down in some situations. In addition, blackhat SEO strategies can get your website removed from Google search results completely. This can be very hard to recover from.

Whitehat SEO involves only using strategies accepted by Google. While Google doesn’t explain exactly how its search algorithm works, it does offer a lot of advice and guidelines. Whitehat SEO strategies follow this advice and adhere to the guidelines.

At Kiwi Website Design, our SEO services only use whitehat strategies. This means you will get genuine results and, crucially, those results will be long-lasting. You won’t get a Google penalty when you come to us for SEO.

What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO is about increasing the visibility of your brand and website when people conduct local searches on Google. If you sell products or services locally, local SEO is essential. Examples include “plumber in Auckland” or “wedding dresses in Auckland”.

One of the main tools you should use for local SEO is Google My Business. Part of the SEO services that we offer include setting up and/or optimising your listing in Google My Business. This will result in your website appearing on Google Maps, the local results on a search results page, and in other places in Google.

Call us today to find out more and to get help using this powerful Google tool.

How Soon Will I See Results from an SEO Strategy?

You should view SEO as a medium-to-long term online marketing strategy. While immediate results will be minimal, you can expect our SEO strategy to deliver consistently for a long period of time.

SEO is important because it increases the visibility of small business websites in search engines, including Google. So, when potential customers search for a product or service, those with good SEO strategies will appear highest in search results pages, generating the most website visits.

As a small business, your customers use Google and other search engines to find the products and/or services you offer. When they do these searches, Google presents them with a search results page. Your ranking on search results pages, or whether you appear at all, is not guaranteed.

Instead, it requires an effective, customised SEO strategy.

It’s also important to remember that the higher up you rank in Google, the more clicks your website will receive.

So, SEO is important to your business as it helps potential customers find your products and services.

There is no fixed answer to this question. The reality is that it depends on the quality of your SEO strategy and the adherence to Google’s guidelines, rules, and policies. It also depends on other factors including your current ranking in Google search, the age of your website, and the competitiveness of your niche/industry.

The first point to remember is that SEO is not about delivering immediate results. Google and other search engines simply don’t work like that. Instead, it takes time.

The second important point is that SEO is worth the wait. Once you start to see a positive impact, that impact will last over the medium and long-term.

So, let’s try to put some numbers on the question – how long does SEO take to work? We can base our answer on our experience working with clients in the past.

Typically, you will begin to see initial results within one or two months. You should then see your main keywords in Google’s top positions within six months.

Is a Good Ranking Guaranteed?

The world of SEO is one that is, unfortunately, filled with empty promises and guarantees. Can a good ranking really be guaranteed?

The straight answer is no. This is because the position of your website on search results pages is entirely determined by the Google search algorithm. Only it knows where it will rank your website. The best approach is to ensure:

  • 1. Your SEO strategy is as effective as possible.
  • 2. Your website delivers a fantastic user experience.

What we do at Kiwi Website Design in relation to the issue of guarantees is to refer to our previous experience and the results we have achieved for past clients.

Based on this experience, our commitment is that we will achieve the rankings we promise for your website within six months. If we don’t, we’ll continue working on your SEO strategy for free until we get those rankings.

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