Mobile App Development Company

Mobile App Development Company

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We promise confidentiality, so your cool ideas are safe with us, plus you own all the codes.

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Costs vary depending on the features, functionality, scalability and performance of the app.

Mobile App Development Company

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Mobile App Development Auckland How A Professional App Developer Works

Modern Design, Agile Mobile App Development Company

We endeavour to build top-rated mobile apps with great ease and reliability. It is our goal to deliver high-quality, stylish mobile apps that drive sales and accelerate productivity.

Our app developers follow a clean, agile development methodology across all platforms to facilitate innovative development, rapid app releases with stability and constant improvement.
Simply put, we partner with market leaders and innovators to provide exceptional services and affordability, streamlining the process of digital transformation.

Areas of Expertise​

We specialise in developing native and hybrid mobile apps for Android and iOS phones to provide end-to-end mobile solutions.

Benefits of Working with KWD​

End-to End Mobility

From understanding the end users’ needs and your business pain points to exploring creative ideas and materialising solutions, your dedicated project manager and in-house mobile app developers are here to guide you every step of the journey.

A Chance To Innovate

Given the chance to be creative and think outside the box, we apply the latest UI/UX practices that will aesthetically solve business problems and function to bridge the gap between your business and the end-users.

Transparent & Competitive

We take pride in delivering what we promised to our clients quickly and cost-effectively. Not only our pricing is transparent, but our communication is also responsive in order to meet your requirements, budget and deadline.

Our Services Include

Providing Mobile Apps For Startups, SMEs, and Large Enterprises

  • iOS Native Development – We develop iOS apps that cater to the needs of the end-users as well as meet your business requirements. We use the latest tools and technologies to create superior quality and user-friend mobile apps.
  • Android Native Development – Our skilled mobile app developers are committed to delivering interactive Android apps for all portable devices. Blending innovative ideas with a customised Android app that your end-users will enjoy using.
  • Flutter App Development – Google Flutter SDK is the new addition to the app development framework. It gives compatibility and flexibility to developers in building native-like mobile applications for both Android and iOS devices with excellent user experience and material design.

We don’t just build apps. We build partnerships with our clients, so we are on the journey to success together.

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I have some questions for you…

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep my ideas confidential?
We agree not to share your project details with any outsiders by signing a non-disclosure agreement at the start of every project. Plus, you own all the source code, files and any other resources we used during the development process once we hand over the product to you.
Do you build enterprise mobile apps?
Yes, we do. Often corporations look to automate and streamline their business processes, so they can improve productivity and boost ROI and their employees can complete tasks on the go.
I’m a tradie, and I need a website for my business. Can you help?
Yes, of course, we can help. We specialise in building websites for tradies with the minimum of hassle. This means we not only can design and develop your website, but we can also write the content for your website to promote your trade to your target market, so you can focus on serving your clients.

Our Custom Website Development Process​

Empathise & Define

We are not your usual mobile app developers. We talk to both end-users and our client to gain an understanding of users’ pain points and business challenges and define problems that the app needs to solve.





Ideate & Prototype

Next, we brainstorm together for ideas and solutions and layout your app’s interface. Through wireframes and prototyping, you will get a first look at your app where you can interact and play around with the features and functionality.

Test & Delivery

In order to make sure your app works the way it was intended to, we test the prototype with a small group of real end-users. Only when we are sure that there are no bugs in the design or codes, that we finally launch your app to the app stores and your website.



We’ve developed an iterative design thinking approach to mobile app development, so we can identify complex problems before product launch and deliver the best possible solution that is optimised for the users.