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If you need a mobile app development company to develop an app for your business, or you have an idea for an app, we can help. Kiwi Website Design has extensive experience developing apps for all major platforms.

This includes:

  • Android apps
  • iOS apps for Apple devices
  • HTML5 apps for computers

Our team of app designers and programmers will ensure your app meets your requirements. We’ll also make it according to the latest standards in the app development industry, utilising all the functionality available on modern mobile devices.

Our comprehensive service includes everything from the initial planning and idea development stage right through to uploading your completed app to the various app stores. We can also help you promote your app to ensure as many people as possible download it.

What Apps Do You Develop?

We develop Android apps for the Google Play Store and iOS apps for Apple devices promoted on the App Store. In addition, we build progressive web apps and HTML5 apps for computers.

Our experience as a mobile app development company extends to apps for just about every category on the various app stores. In addition, we’ve built apps for clients for internal use – to automate processes, for example, or give employees access to systems from wherever they are in the world.

What Is Your App Development Process?

The most important part of an app development process is the idea development and planning stage. When you get this stage right, the overall development goes much smoother. Therefore, we spend plenty of time in this planning stage, scoping the app out and creating wireframes.

Our designers then start creating the visuals for the app while our programmers begin writing the code. You will be involved in this process throughout with regular communications.

Once the main development work finishes, we will begin the testing phase. Our goal is to ensure your app works on as many devices and operating system versions as possible, so long as this does not compromise the app’s functionality.

After the testing phase, we will get final approval from you and will then upload the app to the appropriate app store.

What Are Native Apps?

Native apps are essentially apps created from scratch within each platform. In most cases, this is Android and iOS.

A good example is where you want both an Android and an iOS app. If you get native apps, the programmers will start with one of the platforms, building it from scratch. Once complete, they will move to the next platform and will start the process again, creating a whole new set of code.

What Are the Alternatives to Native Apps?

The alternative to building native apps is to use a tool that lets you create multiple apps using one main set of code. The most commonly used platform to achieve this is Xamarin.

What Are the Benefits of Native Apps?

The main benefit of native apps is performance. Firstly, native app code is optimised for either Android or iOS. This makes the size of the app smaller as there is no unnecessary code. This additional code is essential when using a tool like Xamarin to enable multi-platform development, but the lack of it in a native app makes the app load faster, run faster, and operate more smoothly.

Other advantages of native apps include the ability to use all the features of either iOS or Android devices. Native apps are also easier to integrate with third-party tools and resources.

In addition, a native app is really your only choice if the app is graphic-heavy.

We have programmers highly skilled at developing native apps.

What Are Xamarin Apps?

Xamarin is a platform that allows the development of multi-platform apps. When you build an app in Xamarin, you can share about 90 percent of the code across the different platforms. In other words, the code in the Android version of your app will be about 90 percent the same as the iOS version.

This is different to native apps where 100 percent of the code is different in each version of the app.

Our team includes programmers who have a deep knowledge and extensive experience of the Xamarin platform.

What Are the Benefits of Xamarin Apps?

Xamarin makes it substantially quicker to create multiple versions of your app, i.e. to create both an Android and an iOS version. As the development process is quicker, it is usually cheaper to develop apps using Xamarin.

Also, it is usually easier to maintain a Xamarin app.

Should I Get a Native App or a Xamarin App?

Which method of development is right for your app completely depends on the app and your requirements. Contact us today to discuss the type of app you need. Our experienced team will advise you on the most cost-effective way to deliver the required levels of performance and your desired features.

What Are Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Apps are applications that give users an experience that is like using an app. While the user experience is app-like, the application itself is actually a standard website.

Even though it is a standard website, it can, for example, access the hardware of the device such as the camera, just like a normal app can. Progressive Web Apps can also send notifications, just like an app on a mobile phone. You can use Progressive Web Apps offline too.

What Are the Benefits of Progressive Web Apps?

The benefits of Progressive Web Apps revolve around the app-like way they work. Users are familiar with apps and are comfortable using them, so mimicking this user experience in a Progressive Web App will enhance engagement with your app.

Other benefits of Progressive Web Apps include:

  • The user can use the app offline
  • Unlike a normal app, there is no installation required
  • There is no need to submit the app to the various app stores
  • Progressive Web Apps deliver excellent performance

To find out more about Progressive Web Apps and how they can benefit your business, please contact a member of our team today.

How Much Does It Cost to Get an App Developed?

The cost of getting an app developed depends on the scope of the app, the platforms you need, and how the app will be developed. Give us a call today to discuss your requirements and to get a free, no obligation quote.


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