Google’s New May 2023 Core Update – Your Questions: Answered

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On May 25, 2023, Google announced a new broad core algorithm update that they expect to take around two weeks to complete. The first of its kind in over six months (the last came out in November 2021), it is aptly named the May 2023 core update.

Google will release an announcement when the update rollout is complete. 

According to Google, core updates are designed to keep up with the ever-changing nature of the web and increase the relevancy of our search results. The term “broad” in “broad core update” is of particular relevance here, as it indicates the fact that Google is aiming to improve its overall systems rather than target anything specific.

Google also noted that their core updates do not specifically change any sites, but they can affect how sites perform in Google search results.

How might the May 2023 core update affect my website?

Whenever there is a core update, spikes or drops in how your site performs are to be expected. The way the update will affect your website is hard to predict, but the effects should be noticeable from the rollout.

If your page drops in rankings, it is not because there is anything wrong with it. Rather, Google search results use the update to reassess your webpage against other content released since the November update. Pages that were underrepresented previously might now perform better.

Making improvements to your website content is the best way to recover if your site has dropped after an update. While you cannot ensure an improvement in your site performance after improving your content, making no attempt to improve your website content will guarantee your SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) positions don’t recover.

What does Google say about improving my site rankings?

In 2019, Google offered some more information for site owners whose search engine rankings get impacted by core updates. Their number one piece of advice was: Focus on content.

Google search engine algorithms seek to reward high-quality content on websites. That includes:

  • Content that provides original reporting, information, analysis or research
  • Comprehensive/complete descriptions of the content topic
  • Information that goes beyond what’s obvious, providing insightful and interesting analysis
  • Content that adds originality and value to information drawn from other sources
  • Descriptive, helpful page headings that summarise the content and avoid “shock value”
  • The kind of page you would want to bookmark and share with others
  • Content that you would expect to see referenced in a magazine or book
  • Well-produced, well-displayed content with minimal spelling errors

As part of the assessment you make on your website, ask yourself whether your content presents information in a way that you can trust. Is there clear sourcing? Evidence of expertise? Do you provide background information that proves you know what you are talking about (such as an About page)?

Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. There needs to be evidence in your website content that the writer knows the topic well and proof that you, the author, are a trustworthy source. 

It needs to be obvious that your content was written uniquely for your website. Google is looking for original content that doesn’t just target keywords but is also readable and interesting for audiences.

How long will it take for my website to recover?

As we explained earlier in the article, there are no guarantees that your website will recover after improving your content, but it remains the best chance for improving your performance. 

Aside from the broad core updates that occur two to four times a year, Google is constantly making smaller improvements to its search engine. When these (both the mini updates and the broad core updates) are released, your fresh content may hit what Google was looking for and get your site back where you wanted it. 

How else can I improve the chances of my website content?

With the help of our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) experts at KWD, you can get website content that secures the best of both worlds: targeting keywords while remaining faithful to your company’s voice. 

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