Oaks Property Management

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The Project

Leading property management company, Oaks Property Management, engaged us at Kiwi Website design to improve its search engine ranking. Therefore, the main purpose of this project was SEO.

Oaks Property Management

The Problem

The internet is a key tool used by tenants looking for a property to rent, and landlords looking for property management companies, i.e. the services that Oaks Property Management offers. Tenants and property owners often turn to Google to conduct these searches, using keywords like “residential property management company”.

Oaks Property Management’s website did not rank on page one of Google for many of these keywords, however. This was limiting the amount of traffic arriving at its website which, in turn, had an impact on the number of leads or enquiries received.

Oaks Property Management wanted to change this situation by getting its website to rank on page one of Google for crucial keywords.

Our Solution

Kiwi Website Design built a modern and stunning new website for Oaks Property Management. It contains a wealth of information for visitors, it features a bespoke design, and it adheres to all industry best practice standards.

In addition, we ensured the new website contained crucial SEO features. Our SEO team worked on this and other strategies to improve the Google ranking of the website for selected keywords.

The Results

The project was a success. Oaks Property Management is happy with its new website, and they are happy with the fact it now ranks on page one of Google for many new keywords. This improvement in Google ranking took just three months and gives the website a solid SEO foundation to build on.

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