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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions offer significant benefits to businesses of all sizes, including small and medium-sized businesses. Unfortunately, CRM development solutions often don’t deliver on their promises. This is rarely because of a technical or functionality problem with the software. Instead, poor implementation of CRMs occurs when their functionality and processes don’t exactly match those of the business.

In other words, if users of the CRM don’t get it, they won’t use it, regardless of how much you spend on the system and regardless of how insistent you are that it be implemented.

Examples of why this happens to include:
  • Users don’t understand the process flow of the CRM
  • To use the CRM, users must change their existing working practices and/or processes
  • Users must develop workarounds to make up for feature flaws

The solution to this is to develop a custom CRM solution tailored to the needs of your business. The development process for this software will directly involve the end-users of the system, i.e. they will have a crucial say in the features included as well as how those features and processes work. This ensures much greater uptake of the system and deeper integration with your business. Most importantly, custom CRM solutions deliver a far better return on investment. In other words, a custom CRM will make your business more efficient, will help you close more sales, will improve customer retention, and will make your business more profitable.

What Does a Custom CRM Do?

Your CRM will have features that manage all interactions you have with your customers. This starts with generating and allocating leads as well as nurturing those leads. It also involves managing interactions when the business or person becomes a customer.

Your custom CRM will automate processes too, as well as giving you valuable data that will help you make interactions with customers more effective and profitable

Why Develop a Bespoke CRM Solution?

The alternative to a bespoke CRM solution is to buy CRM software off-the-shelf. Off-the-shelf software creators make their products to be appealing to as wide an audience as possible. This will firstly mean the software will include features you don’t need. This can make the software more clunky and difficult to use.

You may also need features that off-the-shelf software doesn’t include. In addition, features may not work exactly how you need them to.

You don’t have any of these problems when you develop a bespoke CRM solution. With a bespoke CRM solution, you decide the features you need, and you decide how those features work to ensure they match with your current business processes.

Will My Business Data and Customer Information on the CRM Be Secure?

We build our CRM solutions in the cloud using the Microsoft Azure platform. This means your CRM will come as standard with the enterprise level of security that Azure offers.

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Do I Need to Install Software?

Our CRM development solutions are cloud-based so there is no need to install software. To use the CRM, all you need is internet access and a device such as a computer, tablet, or phone. In other words, you can access the CRM wherever you are.

How Much Does CRM Development Cost?

We have extensive experience building bespoke CRM development solutions. This experience means we have a knowledgebase as well as structural code that we can use as part of your CRM. In other words, while we will build you a bespoke CRM solution, the development does not start from a totally blank page.

This reduces development time and lowers costs. The exact cost of development, however, will depend on the scope of the project and your requirements. Please contact us today to discuss these requirements. We will give you advice on the best approach as well as a free, no-obligation quote.