8 Ways CRM Can Enhance Your Business

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Customer relationship management (CRM) software is a fantastic way to connect your business with its audience. Fostering, managing, and maintaining relationships with your customers is critical to the success of your business. With a modern CRM system, it is easier than ever for you to do so.

At Kiwi Website Design, we are committed to securing the success of our clients. Let us take you through some of the ways CRM can help grow your business.


1. Forming connections with the customers you want

CRM helps you prioritise the leads that you have spent time, resources, and hard work generating. With an integrated CRM system, you can determine which leads are the best opportunities and get a better idea of how you can create customised strategies to foster each unique connection.

2. Managing customer relationships

It’s in the name. CRM helps you build trust between your business and customer base early on in the relationship and proactively:

  • Learn what is most important to your customers, including what they want and what challenges them. CRM can send your audience tailored recommendations.
  • Make your engagement relevant. Instead of sending generalised noise to your customers, CRM collects data that will help your marketing team send the right promotions and educational content to the right people at the right time.

3. Offset sales costs

As a business owner, you will know how challenging it can be to get new customers. Since you can gain better trust between yourself and your customers with the help of CRM, that also means that you can improve your chances of repeat sales and thereby offset the new customer acquisition costs. Further:

  • Based on your knowledge of how your customers interact with your company, you can prioritise the opportunities and leads that are more likely to convert and close.
  • You can get a better idea of when to reach out to your customers and know who is more engaged.
  • CRM makes your opportunities for upselling much clearer during the deals you already have in progress.
  • Instead of chasing leads that go nowhere or wasting time cold-calling, CRM shows you the opportunities you are more likely to get results from in existing relationships.
  • With a better portrait of each customer, you and your team will know more clearly what steps to take to close deals faster.

4. More productive employees

CRM technology releases your teams from process-heavy tasks – such as hunting for client information – and gives them more time to spend generating leads and connecting with your customer base. That is because CRM can deliver automation across your services, sales, and marketing.

5. Enhancing your customer service

Consistency is key when it comes to the relationships you build with your customers. Further, personalising the communication every time you interact with your customers will greatly enhance their experience dealing with your business. Tapping into the access to your consumers’ history that you have through CRM will help your team quickly personalise every interaction, message, and solution.

With more seamless interactions, you can build better trust with your customers and generate repeat business.

6. Customers that keep coming back

Since CRM delivers greater visibility across all the relationships you build with your customers, it is far easier for your teams to stay on top of keeping every client happy. You can proactively check in on any accounts that are at risk and find the right moments to offer happy customers new and exciting opportunities.

CRM gives you access to customer histories, open cases, and active campaigns – all of which you can leverage to make your customers’ experiences with your business more satisfying.

7. Marketing through multiple channels

Once, emails and phone calls were the only means by which customers could connect with businesses. Now, there are far more communication channels available, opening up more ways for you to interact with your consumers.

You can make the most of all these channels through omnichannel marketing with the help of CRM to deliver a personalised service every time.

8. Managing feedback from customers

The way your business handles complaints can have a huge impact on your overall success. Even if you have the most perfect, personalised service in your field, you are likely to have dissatisfied customers come your way at some point.

Through CRM, you can set up an IT help desk that will help you manage any feedback (including complaints) from your customers. As an alternative to call centres, you can help your customers generate tickets easily and streamline the feedback you receive.

Your CRM Solution

If you are considering integrating CRM into your company software, get in touch with Kiwi Website Design. Our experts will help you get a bespoke strategy that will bolster the relationships you have with your customers and ultimately enhance your business success. Cost your project with our easy tool or contact our team today for a free consultation.

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