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Small Business Website Design

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Small Business Website Design

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Your small business needs a website to help potential customers discover you, learn more about what you do, find your location, get your telephone number, send you an enquiry, become a lead, and, ultimately, become a paying customer.

Here’s what you get when you choose us for small business website design:

  • Comprehensive website design services
  • Extensive experience in designing websites for small businesses
  • In-house user experience and conversion optimisation skills
  • Affordable prices that deliver a return on investment
  • Excellent customer service from a friendly, knowledgeable, and professional team

At Kiwi Website Design, we design bespoke small business websites which means we don’t use templates. Templates don’t deliver the same performance as custom websites and template-based websites all look similar. A custom design from us, however, will be completely unique.

We can deliver all the functionality you need too, including contact forms, landing pages, maps, shopping carts and checkout facilities, member-only sections, and more. In addition, we understand how to make websites that deliver on objectives. This means the website we design for you will get results.

Why Should I Use You for Small Business Website Design?

We understand the needs of small businesses and the challenges you face. You don’t have extensive budgets to invest in SEO and you probably don’t have a team you can allocate to manage the website. You need an online presence, though, and you need your website to generate results.

We’ll make sure that’s exactly what you get. Potential customers will be able to find your website, they will get the information they need including the right impression about your brand, and we’ll ensure you get maximum conversions.

So, why should you use us to build your small business website? You should use us because you will get a website you are proud of and that gets results for your business.

What Process Do You Use to Build Small Business Websites?

The process starts with an initial consultation where we will learn about your business and the objectives you have for the website. Once we understand your requirements, we will create mock-up designs. We will go through an unlimited number of iterations of this mock-up until you get a design you are 100 percent happy with.

Once you are happy with the mock-up, we will plan the page layouts. We will ensure every page is properly branded plus we’ll design them in a way that maximises conversions. After this, our programmers will get to work writing the HTML from scratch to create the website pages.

The website infrastructure we use is WordPress so once we write the HTML we convert the code into a WordPress template.

The next stage is to load your content onto the website including text, images, and video. We then fully test all pages on multiple devices to ensure the responsive design works smoothly on all sizes of screen and any type of device.

Our SEO experts will review your website too, optimising it for Google and other search engines.

We will then push your website live on the internet where it will get to work for your business.

Our comprehensive after sales support kicks in at this stage too. We have a reputation for offering the best support services in the industry as we are fully committed to helping you get the most from your new website.

Do You Offer Copywriting Services as Well?

You can provide text for your website or we will get our copywriter to write the text for you. Using our copywriter saves you time but there are other benefits of professional copywriting services too.

The text for your website will appeal to your customers, it will describe what you offer them, and it will include effective calls to action. In addition, your website content will be search engine friendly, helping you to rank higher in Google.

What About SEO?

Onsite SEO is a core priority for our small business website design team. We will structure the website to conform to Google recommendations plus we’ll ensure it loads quickly. In addition, we will carefully write meta tags, descriptions, and page titles. This will help your website’s ranking on Google.

What Does It Cost to Get a Small Business Website?

Small business websites typically cost between $2,000 and $6,000. The exact price will depend on the scope of work required including the size of the website, the functionality you need, and any additional services you require.

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The Websites we design aren’t expensive.
They just look that way.

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