The Importance of Mobile Optimization for SEO in 2023

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Mobile Optimization for SEO

Many of us used to think of computer experiences and phone experiences being completely separate, but currently, they’re very much connected. Your smartphone is basically a mini-computer now, and you can do nearly anything you can on your computer but on your phone, so just like how SEO is so crucial for improving user experiences on desktop computers, mobile optimisation for SEO is vital for improving user experiences on smartphones.

Optimising your website for mobile usage is extremely necessary now because so many people use their phones every day. A large percentage of individuals use their phones for a wide variety of things, and if they ever need your business, you want them to be able to find and use your website with ease.

As smartphone technology and mobile apps improve, mobile optimisation is more important in 2023 than ever.

What Is Mobile Optimisation?

What exactly does ‘optimising your website for mobile usage’ mean, anyway?

Mobile optimisation for SEO means altering your website to be used from a mobile phone or tablet device. Mobile devices are a lot smaller than personal computers, so a website that looks fine on the larger screen of a desktop computer might look awkward on the much smaller screen of a smartphone.

A website that is not optimised to fit on mobile screens may appear awkward and difficult to use when accessed from a smartphone or tablet. The text might be far too small to read, the buttons too small to use easily, and any content may be hard to access – overall, making for a really terrible experience.

If a potential customer sees a website looking like that, they’ll probably click away and never return.

This is why mobile optimisation for SEO is so essential! Optimised sites are more likely to:

  • Have quicker loading times.
  • Be more readable on mobile devices and smaller screens.
  • Have clear navigation controls.
  • Have forms that are easy to enter information into.

Why Is Mobile Optimisation So Crucial For Businesses In 2023?

It’s vital, but how does it specifically affect user experience?

Websites that are smartly edited and altered for good mobile experiences are a must because:

They Open Your Business To Countless New Customers. Lots of people do a lot of their shopping on their phones – you want them to be able to reach your business! Limiting your company to people who majorly use their desktop computers for their shopping isn’t ideal because you’re not reaching all the people that you could be reaching.

Mobile optimisation for SEO can get your unique services to more people who need them. If someone is looking for your specific goods, you want them to find your website and have a fantastic experience, not get frustrated by your un-optimised site and leave.

They Make Your Business Look Better. Having an amazingly-designed website that gives your customers exactly what they need will make your company look better. It shows that you care enough to give your users a great way to access what you have to offer them.

Which company are you going to like more – the one with the amazing website with fantastic mobile design, or the one that was clearly designed for one kind of screen and one kind of screen only? You’re going to like the business that cares about you and your comfort.

They Make It Easier For People To Read About And Purchase Your Goods And Services. Mobile optimisation for SEO makes it easier for people to learn about your business. A big part of responsive website design is making your site scalable for screens of different sizes. Regardless of if they’re accessing your site from a small smartphone or from a big-screen television, your guests should be able to read the text on your website.

This ease of access makes it easier for people to purchase your goods. When buying is easy, more people will do it. You never want to force your customers to jump through too many hoops just to work with your business.

They Can Boost Your Search Engine Rankings. Google’s algorithm favours websites with responsive designs created by developers who understand the importance of mobile optimisation for SEO. Websites with responsive designs are more likely to be boosted and promoted by Google, so they’re more likely to appear high up on search results.

They Make It Easier For Your Site To Be Shared On Social Media. We all have social media in one form or another, and we find many awesome things when we visit our favourite social media sites. Among all the things we look at, we often see links to cool new websites and businesses that we could benefit from.

When someone sees your website, you want them to be pleased enough that they’ll share it on social media. Then, when others using that site see your website on their phone, they can click on it and enjoy your optimised site.

They Can Increase The Time Spent On Your Site. You don’t just want people to click on your website’s link; you want them to stay on your site. The longer someone stays, the more they’ll learn about your company, and the more likely they’ll stick around to support you.

People aren’t likely to stick around if your website can’t offer them a wonderful user experience. Your web developers should do everything they can to make your site as user-friendly as possible when used on mobile devices. Then, people will stay to read and buy to their heart’s content.

How Can I Make Sure My New Zealand Company’s Website Is Fit For Mobile Devices?

Work with us at Kiwi Website Design to make sure your website stays current, optimised and ready for mobile use! We use our skill, experience and knowledge to create incredible websites for businesses of all kinds.

We know you want your site to be perfect for your company, and we’re here to do everything we can until you’re satisfied. Not quite sure about us yet? Check out our online portfolio to see examples of what we’ve done. If you’d like to ask us any questions – or if you’re ready to start the design process – please call us at 0800 932 669.

Make sure your site is perfectly optimised by working with Kiwi Website Design!

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