A Beginner’s Guide to Keyword Research: How to Find the Best Keywords for Your Website

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The world of SEO is constantly changing, and every year it seems like new SEO methods pop up and old SEO methods become irrelevant. However, one thing will never change – the importance of proper keyword research.

Keyword Research

After all, without keywords, how will anyone find your business when searching online? You need to hit the right keywords to get Google’s attention so it promotes your content when people search for your services, but before you do that, you need to discover the best keywords for your business.

Why Is Keyword Research Essential?

Before you start your keyword research, you might wonder, ‘Why is keyword research essential?’

Keyword research is so vital because you’ll need to use the right words to rank highly on search engine results. For example, if you sell dry organic dog food, you’ll need to include relevant keywords on your website so that people searching for organic dog food find your business before they find any of your competitor’s websites. Keyword research helps you boost your website’s SEO and develop a good SEO strategy.

This isn’t quite as simple as mentioning your type of business over and over because not everyone searches for the same thing. Some people who are looking for organic dog food might search for ‘organic dog food,’ but others might look for ‘healthy pet food,’ and others still might look for ‘natural dry dog kibble.’ You’ll want to find as many of these keywords as you can so that everyone who needs you can find you!

However, it’s also extremely vital to use your keywords smartly. Overloading your website with specific keywords can make it look like you’re simply spamming keywords, and Google’s algorithm might not like this and might not promote it. Plus, too many of the same words can make your content feel awkward.

Finding the right keywords and using them masterfully is all about balance. You need to find the best keywords and then use them in a natural way, but you also have to use them enough.

How You Can Find The Best Keywords For Your Website

Where to start? Follow these steps to discover the best keywords for your business:

Step 1: Create General Keyword Categories That Correlate To Your Business.

List out broad topics that pertain to what you do. Think about everything your company does, and list out the individual types of goods or services in a spreadsheet.

For example, if you sell handmade jewellery that uses natural crystals, your spreadsheet might include lines such as:

  • NZ-made necklaces
  • Crystal bracelets
  • Healing crystals
  • NZ jewellery and accessories

Think about everything you have to offer your loyal customers and list them out.

Step 2: Delve Into Each Category To Come Up With Words Or Phrases Your Customers Might Use.

Next, take each one of those broader topics and expand on them by thinking about more specific keywords or phrases that your potential customers might use when searching for your products.

Such as, if you were to expand on the topic ‘NZ-made necklaces,’ you may come up with:

  • Necklaces made in New Zealand
  • Handmade healing crystal necklaces
  • Affordable crystal jewellery
  • NZ-made necklaces

These specific phrases do not have to be the keywords you end up using; rather they will help you think about the type of words and phrases you should be targeting.

Step 3: Analyse Your Keywords To Determine If They’re Good Enough.

Not every keyword should be used, even if it’s relevant to your company. Some keywords may be too generic or broad to do much good. So, analyse your keywords or phrases to determine if they’re good enough to use.

There are three main things that you should think about when analysing your keywords:

  • Relevance.Every time someone asks Google a question, they have the intent to find the answer to a specific question. You’ll want to try to meet your searcher’s particular needs; basically, you want your keywords to be relevant. If a searcher asks a question and your content pops up, but your content isn’t relevant to their needs, they could quickly click away from your site. Create keywords that correlate to a specific type of intent and make sure your content is informative and helpful.
  • Authority.Google is more likely to promote sources that are authoritative and know what they’re talking about. So, be sure you know what you’re doing and that your keywords and content are informative and very useful to your visitors.
  • Volume.This refers to how many times the keyword is searched on average. You’ll want keywords that are frequently searched for, not keywords that pertain to your business but no one cares about. You could have the most amazing content on Google, but you won’t get the traffic you want if no one searches for the keywords you use.

Step 4: Use Keyword Research Tools To Help You

You can use online SEO tools and AI technology to help you find the best keywords for your business. These types of tools can come up with keywords that are relevant to your business based on the words and phrases you’ve already come up with.

Step 5: Once You Know What Keywords To Target, Use Them Well

Always do your best to use your keywords well. You can use all the right keywords, but if your content quality is poor, no one will want to read it. You want to use your keywords to create top-tier content that’s better than all of your competitor’s content.

Don’t spam your keywords, be sure to use words and phrases relevant to user intent and ensure your content is useful to everyone who reads it.

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