The Importance of Website Navigation and User Experience

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Website Navigation

Website navigation and user experience are arguably two of the most important factors of good web design. After all, how will your guests enjoy your services if they can’t navigate your site and don’t understand how to utilise your site’s features?

Both of these web design qualities are key if you wish to give your site’s visitors a wonderful experience that ends with them purchasing your goods or services – which is your end goal, of course!

If your site lacks in either of these areas, your visitors may become upset and annoyed at your website, and they could leave to visit one of your competitors.

What Is Website Navigation And Why Is It Important?

What do we mean when we say ‘navigation?’ Basically, we’re referring to how users explore or ‘navigate’ your website. How exactly do they get from point A to point B? What do they click to read more about your company? How can they discover your latest and greatest products?

As you can imagine, this part of web design is extremely important. You want your guests to find your goods so they can indulge in them. If your company’s site is hard to navigate, your guests won’t be able to get anywhere with convenience and ease.

Good navigation is clearly very important for the following reasons:

It Increases Time Spent On Your Website. If your site is pleasant to use and easy to navigate, more people will spend more time on it. They can use your website navigation features to explore everything you have to offer and, therefore, will spend more time on your site.

It Encourages Exploration. If you make exploration easy, more people will do it! Having a quick and easy way of moving around encourages people to do so. If you’re already there, why not have a look around? They’ll learn what makes your business and your services so special when they click more buttons and explore more pages.

It Makes Your Site Look Structured. Who can trust a website that’s cluttered, messy and disorganised? If you don’t care about your business, your customers won’t either. A well-structured website navigation menu makes your site look clean and cared for. It shows your visitors that you genuinely really care about the quality of their time and that you don’t want to waste their day.

Consider having your site’s navigation menu (or the option to show the menu) visible and easy to spot when your website loads. This way, your guests don’t have to go searching for it.

It Increases Purchases. The more time an individual spends on your site and the more web pages they explore, the more likely they’ll see something they love. Encouraging your guests to stay a while and look at everything you have will strongly increase the chances of purchases.

Consider making your website look inviting and easy to use to get more people to look at more of your products and services. They can have fun browsing through your goods, and they may just end up buying a few new awesome things for themselves.

It Improves User Experience. Overall, fantastic website navigation and design will significantly improve user experience. People want convenience and ease, and well-designed navigation menus can give them just that.

But wait – what exactly is user experience?

What Is User Experience And Why Is It Important?

User experience, which is often abbreviated as UX, refers to everything your guests experience on your website and how that makes them feel – what is their experience like?

Does this website make them feel happy and satisfied? Or does it make them feel confused, irritated and frustrated?

Naturally, you’re aiming for the former.

The user experience aspect of website design is meant to fulfil a user’s needs and help them find what they’re looking for. If you manage an ecommerce site, you want to fulfil your guests’ needs by guiding them towards products and getting them through the payment process.

Good user experience is undeniably important because:

It Improves Your Brand Reputation. Businesses with amazing websites that offer your guests a fantastic experience are more likely to be looked at with awe and respect. A well-designed website or mobile app shows that you care about quality, experience and the wellbeings of your users. You don’t want to make your valued guests jump through too many hoops to enjoy your goods and services; you want to make it as easy as possible for them.

So, brands with amazing websites are more likely to have happier clients who recommend them to their friends. The power of user experience Improving your website includes enhancing your user experience features, your website navigation, your site’s aesthetics and more.

A fantastic user experience will also improve customer loyalty, as your previous customers will already trust you and what you do.

It Makes Users Happier. One of your most significant goals as a company should always be to make your valued customers happy. After all, they’re the people supporting you and your hard work! Excellent web design will improve user experience, which will help make every visit to your website a good one.

Then, your guests will have more positive memories of you and your brand. They’ll be more likely to continue supporting you and purchasing from your website or mobile app.

It Encourages Purchases. Just like excellent website navigation, wonderful user experience will also encourage purchases. Customers who are happier with your site, love your company and know how to navigate your website with ease will have a much easier time buying your goods.

Getting your visitors from the start of their journey (finding your website) to the end of their journey (buying your products or purchasing your services) is one of your top priorities, and excellent website navigation and user experience can help you do so.

How Can I Ensure My New Zealand Website Has Excellent Navigation And User Experience Qualities?

Don’t worry; making sure your website looks fantastic is easy – just speak to us at Kiwi Website Design. Come to our site to see what we can do for you and your website’s navigation and user experience.

Not sure where to start? No worries; we can help! Even if you’re unclear about what to do next regarding your website, you can call us at 0800 932 669 or reach us through our website. We’ll speak to you to discuss your best next move.

Give your customers the wonderful experience they deserve with Kiwi Website Design.

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