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200% total site Traffic Increase! Online enquiries tripled within few months

Bingo Locks is a Locksmith company based in Auckland. Before coming to us, they had an old website and poor AdWords campaign. They were getting only 2 to 3 jobs per day and were struggling to drive more leads.

Bingo wanted to grow their business throughout Auckland and drive more leads that converted into business quickly. Since the goal was not to just drive traffic, our goals focused on conversions and conversion rates. After discussing with the client, we made them a new website using WordPress Content Management Software, making their website responsive and easy to update. We also created the following to boost relevant traffic:

  • Built 198 Landing pages covering 198 Suburbs of Auckland
  • Created 198 Adgroups, each Adgroup targeting one suburb of Auckland
  • Made Remarketing campaigns to target the audience who have already visited the site and may not have placed any enquiry

In the first month of the campaign, we produced the following results:

  • 200% Increase in total site Traffic
  • 566% Increase in enquiries

Today, Bingo Locks business has grown to more than 300% in the last 2 years and still growing. Bingo Locks is now planning to sell Franchises in Hamilton and other cities of New Zealand.

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