Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2023

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There are so many great ways to improve your SEO in 2023. Smart tactics can bring your website to the top of Google search results, driving so much traffic to your New Zealand business! But, just like how smart moves can improve your website, common SEO mistakes can tank it.

Yes, there are many wrong moves you can make that can make the algorithm – and potential customers! – mistrust and leave your website. Every bad choice can drive away who knows how many people, so avoid these mistakes at all costs!

Luckily, once you’re more informed and learn about these common mistakes, it’s far easier to avoid them. Reading about both what not to do and what you should do will help you become a stronger business person.

What should you avoid, and why should you avoid it?

Common SEO Mistakes

Common SEO Errors, Mistakes And Misunderstandings To Avoid

Many of these mistakes are easy to make, especially if you don’t have the experience, knowledge or training you need to write excellent content.

Do your best to avoid these common SEO mistakes:

Poor Keyword Research

Keyword research! It’s something that every SEO expert knows about, and it’s very important. Hitting the right keywords can help potential customers find you easier. How will someone find you through a Google search if you don’t include relevant keywords in your content?

Ensure you conduct your keyword research properly to hone in on the best keywords for your business, goods and services. Focusing on the wrong keywords can make it much harder for people to discover your wonderful company.

Think about your target audience, your business and what people may search for when looking for your business when you research your keywords.

Not Using A Mobile-Friendly Design

One of the most common SEO mistakes of today is not optimising your site for mobile usage. It’s easy to forget that your site may be used on differently-sized screens if you’re working on it on your own screen – but people use all types of devices to view the internet, from small smartphones to massive televisions, and they should be able to use your site on all of them.

Make sure your website has a responsive design so that it adapts to different screens. You can even take this process a step further by having a mobile app developed for your business.

Using Keywords Too Much

Overloading your content with too many keywords can make it appear awkward, forced or even poorly AI-generated. This can cause the algorithm to mistrust your content.

Instead, effectively use your keywords. Don’t use them too much, but don’t use them too little, either. Try to write them into your work in a way that feels casual. If the content is written well enough, it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s a keyword and what’s not because it’s so naturally written.

Common SEO mistakes often involve over-optimisation because some people think that if they double- or triple-down on their SEO tactics, they’ll surely be more successful.

However, as is with most things in life, one of the keys to success is balance.

Valuing Quantity Over Quality

Just like with keywords, more is not always better! Posting one interesting, well-written post a week is far better than cranking out ten poorly-written posts a day. Google’s algorithm is increasingly focusing on quality content.

Plus, aside from algorithms and statistics, your audience will appreciate good content more. Many readers don’t want to waste their time with rambling, generic posts that don’t bring anything of value into their lives. Instead, they want helpful content that gives them things to think about.

Not Writing Good Titles Or Descriptions

It’s easy to focus on the main body of your posts and forget about your titles or descriptions. Another prominent error in the growing list of common SEO mistakes is forgetting to optimise your titles or descriptions.

Even if you write a blog post that is informative, well-written and extremely entertaining, who’s going to click on it if the title is generic or uninteresting? Please do your best to write a concise, engaging title that draws people in and leaves them wanting more. This will encourage them to click on your site!

For example, if you’re a pet supplies company writing about your healthy new dog food, don’t write ‘Dog Food – 5 Kilogram Bag’ write ‘Delicious Healthy Dog Food To Get Your Dog’s Tail Wagging!’

Not Fixing Broken Links

Even if you put an external or internal link into your website that’s currently functional, that link might not work forever. Try and fix broken links, or links that lead to pages that are no longer available or are mistyped, as soon as you can.

This is one of the common SEO mistakes that’s hard to notice because it’s easy to forget about links after you’ve completed the content or the page. However, paying attention to this one is very important because a website full of broken links appears mismanaged.

So, if you ever delete a page or alter a page’s URL, be sure you also update any other space that links to that page.

Having A Slow Website

No one wants to sit around waiting for a website to load! Having too-long load times can frustrate your visitors and cause them to close the tab. Your web designers should do their best to create a website with quick load times.

Furthermore, because it’s nearly impossible to completely eliminate load times, you can improve your site by adding a loading animation to your site’s loading pages. While this won’t shorten the loading time, it’ll give your visitors something lovely to look at while they wait.

How You Can Easily Avoid These Common SEO Mistakes For Your Auckland Website

One simple step to avoid these mistakes is to work with us at Kiwi Website Design. We help New Zealand businesses succeed by offering them our web design services! We always put effort and passion into every one of our projects, and we’d love to see what we can do for you.

Would you like to know more about what we do? Call us at 0800 932 669 if you have any questions for us, or if you’d like to get the web design process started as soon as possible.

Avoid simple mistakes with Kiwi Website Design!

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