The Future of SEO: Predictions and Trends for 2023 and Beyond

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Any clever business person with a website for their company knows that making a site appealing, engaging and informative is one of the keys to success. No customer wants to use a website that looks dull, is difficult to navigate and is ultimately not helpful.

This is where SEO comes into the picture. SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the process of optimising a site for the algorithm and for your audience. Better web design will make your site more eye-catching to both the public and Google’s algorithm.

However, you can’t just have a solid set of SEO rules to stick to forever; SEO trends and tactics are constantly changing as new technology develops and new trends emerge. The SEO methods that were effective five years ago may not be so helpful in 2023.

What’s hot in 2023?

Future of SEO

Top SEO Trends To Watch For In 2023

Even though SEO is constantly evolving, there are certain methods that will never change – and one of those smart moves is to trust your website’s SEO to an experienced company to help you out. We at Kiwi Website Design help passionate business owners like you optimise their websites like never before.

We can help you further understand these SEO topics that are popular in 2023:

Local SEO

So many of us use the internet to find local businesses. We search for clothing shops near us, tasty restaurants in our town, helpful services within walking or driving distance and more. So, if someone clicks on Google and searches for a business like yours, you want your business to pop up immediately.

This is why local SEO and optimising for local searches is so crucial. You need your potential customers to be able to quickly figure out where you’re located, when you’re open and how they can get to you.

Optimising your site is rather simple, and you can take a few steps to boost your website’s local SEO. For example, you can:

  • Include References To Local Areas. Make sure you refer to local areas when you write content for your website. For example, if your business is located in the heart of Auckland, make sure you mention that!
  • Include Accurate Addresses On Your Site And Social Media Accounts. Your website should include accurate details regarding your business’s address, and you should ensure this information is accurate across your entire site and on any of your social media accounts. Customers may become suspicious of you if your information doesn’t match up or is inaccurate.

AI Tools

AI, or artificial intelligence, is being used more regularly now. Clever AI tech can be used to create images, come up with keywords and even generate passages. These tools are used by SEO experts to analyse pages and make the content better.

It’s crucial that AI tools are used by people who know how to use them well. Even though the AI of today is far more advanced than the AI of a few years ago, it can still produce results that aren’t so human. Innovative SEO experts can take the information generated by AI and use it to their advantage.

Helpful, Beneficial Content

It’s not just enough to create content; you also have to create valuable content that’s actually useful to your audience. Think about it – would you rather trust a business that puts out an informative post once a week or a company that pumps out five generic, unhelpful posts a day? People don’t want to waste their time with content that won’t help them; they want to read content with information that’s relevant to what they’re looking for.

Make sure the content on your website is of good quality, because that’ll reflect positively on your brand.

Voice Search Optimisation

Many of us use voice search every day to find answers to our questions or to look for interesting things. How often have you heard people around you say things like ‘Siri, are there any good restaurants near me?’ or ‘Alexa, how many clothing shops are in Auckland?’

You can optimise your site’s content for voice search in a few ways, including:

  • Include Location Names. If your shop is in Auckland, you want people to find it when they search for businesses of your type in Auckland. Make sure you include location names in your content.
  • Ask Questions Akin To Questions A Customer Would Ask. The vast majority of voice search inquiries are posed in the form of questions. So, include potential questions in your content, and answer them.

Content Relevant To Your Business’s Expertise

People want to read information written by people who know what they’re talking about. So, keep content relevant to what you do. This tip is rather simple to execute and will greatly help your site’s visitors.

For example, if you’re a clothing store, post about fashion, clothing and buying guides. If you’re a hair salon, post about hair care treatments, the importance of certain products or how often you should visit your favourite hair salon.

People are more likely to trust businesses that publish content relevant to what they do. No one wants to get construction tips from a bakery! When it comes to written content, quality is always better than quantity.

Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Our smartphones can do so much – including helping us search for local businesses! How disappointing would it be for a potential customer to click on your site after a Google search, only for them to quickly click off because your site wasn’t optimised for mobile use?

Your site should be designed in a way where it can be used across a variety of different screens without becoming difficult to read or use. This is called ‘responsive web design,’ and it’s very important if you want your site to be as accessible as possible.

How You Can Keep Your Website Up To Date With The Latest Trends And Tactics

Kiwi Website Design is here to ensure your website stays current, effective and beautiful! We always do our best to keep up with the latest trends and best SEO methods. With us, your website will never go stale.

We’d love to speak with you if you’re interested in our helpful services. Call us at 0800 932 669, or visit our website to easily get in touch.

Kiwi Website Design can help you stay a step ahead of your competition.

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