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The Project
The Ezymigrate project involved developing a customised, web-based CRM solution.

The Problem
New Zealand’s immigration industry is made up of hundreds of small businesses delivering services to tens of thousands of clients a year. Like any other business, they must find clients, go through a sales process, manage communications with those clients, and handle all related accounting tasks including sending invoices.

The main difference between businesses in the immigration industry and other industries, however, is the fact they are heavily regulated. These regulations help to protect individuals coming to New Zealand while also helping to properly control immigration and enforce immigration law.

Immigration businesses wanted to modernise their processes by moving to a CRM system. They wanted to do this as they understood the benefits of CRMs including increased productivity, improved efficiencies, better customer acquisition and retention rates, and more. In other words, they wanted a digital solution to replace their antiquated manual processes.

However, off-the-shelf solutions were not suitable for their needs. The very specific ways that regulated immigration businesses must operate mean standard CRM solutions are more of a hindrance than a help.

Another option was for individual businesses to commission a bespoke solution, but the cost of extensive bespoke software is often prohibitive for small businesses.

The industry required an alternative, innovative solution.

Our Solution
Kiwi Website Design gave the immigration industry the solution it needed. That solution was Ezymigrate, a cloud-based CRM designed specifically for the immigration industry.

We developed Ezymigrate in collaboration with New Zealand’s immigration industry to ensure it met regulatory requirements and focused on improving the often-time-consuming processes that are specific to immigration advisory businesses.

With Ezymigrate, there is now an affordable, state-of-the-art, customised CRM available off-the-shelf for immigration businesses.

The Results
The take up of Ezymigrate has been exceptional to date. The immigration businesses that now use it have seen significant efficiency and productivity improvements. This includes improvements to processes that used to take hours but can now be achieved in seconds with the click of a button.

The development process we use at Kiwi Website Design also enables us to continuously enhance Ezymigrate and add new features. This has strengthened the collaboration between our developers and the industry, improving both our software solution and the results achieved by our clients.

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