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KD Plumbing Case Study

The Project
To design and manage an AdWords campaign to generate new customers for KD Plumbing, a plumbing services business.

The Problem
KD Plumbing wanted to use AdWords to find new customers searching for plumbing services in the areas it operates in. Two significant challenges existed, however:

The advertising budget KD Plumbing had available was modest.

Keywords relating to the plumbing industry are very competitive on AdWords. For some keywords, the recommended bid was in the region of $20 a click.

KD Plumbing needed a solution that would overcome both these problems to deliver real results.

Our Solution
As the ad budget was restricted, the AdWords team at Kiwi Website Design had to approach this AdWords campaign in a more holistic way. Our approach had two main elements:

Writing unique ads for each keyword – this maximised click-through-rate and ensured highly relevant clicks, i.e. searchers with buying intent

Making the landing pages highly converting – to convert as many people as possible

In other words, we used AdWords ads to get as many of the right people as possible to click through to the client’s landing page. The problem of the budget remained, however, which put limits on the traffic we could achieve. The second element of our plan dealt with this issue by converting as much of the traffic we did get as possible.

The Results
Our plan for the AdWords campaign worked – KD Plumbing won clients as a result of the AdWords campaign and achieved a tangible return on investment. This enabled it to gradually increase its AdWords’ budget and extend the campaign, winning even more clients.

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