3 Easy Ways to Instantly Impress Facebook Ad Leads

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Need to lead with the right foot and bag the perfect client? Here are three easy ways to instantly impress Facebook ad leads.

When that perfect lead comes through your pipeline, and you want to make sure you’re communicating just how excited you are to work with them, you sometimes need to go that extra mile.

Check the following strategies, they can be helpful for you to land the account without requiring too much effort on your part.

3 Easy Ways to Instantly Impress Facebook Ad Leads

Strategy #1: Create mockup ads using their own branding in under 10mins

Nothing shows attention to detail like presenting visuals of where you’re planning on taking them. Unfortunately, not all of us are gifted graphic designers nor have the scope, or resources to drum up something super flash. One easy hack is to use the free Facebook tool Creative Hub, which allows you to mock up ads using their own branding.

Here’s how to use creative hub: 

  1. Access Creative Hub from your advertising dashboard or click here 
  2. Click on “Create mockup” and select type of ad you’d like to show off 
  3. Here you’ll be taken to a set up that resembles ads manager – start building your ad the way you normally would. You can edit out the profile photo so that it’s your clients’ page profile.  

Strategy #2 – Create a competitor ad swipe file 

Collect competitor ad screenshots and present them to a client with a strategic plan

It used to be that if you wanted to see the ads other’s were running, you’d have to visit their sites or funnels and get retargeted with them.  But no more, since Cambridge Analytica broke out in 2018 and Facebook tightened up policies it released a Page Transparency tab allowing anyone to see (some of) the active ads being placed by that business.

It then went one step further and created a free library of ads that anyone can use.  If you really want to impress leads, show them that you’ve done your homework.

Strategy #3 – Become a Facebook Marketing Partner

Showing certifications, awards and recognitions for the service you provide is the ultimate, but when you don’t have those on board one thing you may qualify for is to become a Facebook Marketing Partner through their agency program.

The perks of getting approved as a marketing partner aren’t just about the free training, advanced support, and events you get invited to but more than anything it communicates professionalism and experience to your prospective clients. 

BONUS TIP: Add a personalised video to your proposals

You can say something as simple as “Hey Steve, so excited to potentially be working with you, I’m excited about being able to potentially help you grow XYZ.  Inside this document, you’ll find more information about the processes we use and the solution you’re getting. If at any time you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me.”

If you found this guide helpful drop us a comment below and tell us any creative ways you’ve been impressing your leads!

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