The Difference Between a Business Website and a Lead Generation Website

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There are websites and then there are lead generation websites. Both look different, they have different objectives, and they deliver vastly different results. Understanding this difference and knowing the type of website you want is essential before your website designer in Auckland starts building your site.

Of course, there are other types of website that don’t fall into the two categories that are the subject of this blog. E-commerce websites, news websites, blogs, and more are all examples.

Lead Generation Website

The crucial determining factor is the objective of the website. Here are some examples:

  • Business websites – explains what your business is, what it does, and enhances your brand while also providing contact information
  • E-commerce websites – for selling products online
  • News websites – displaying news articles and building a community of readers to display ads to
  • Blogs – building a community of readers while also establishing the author as a thought leader in their field
  • Booking websites – for businesses in the tourism industry, entertainment industry, and similar industries where the aim is to generate bookings
  • Subscription websites – where the goal is to generate new subscriptions
  • Informational websites – to provide valuable information to visitors
  • Lead generation websites – bring leads into the business that can then flow through pre-determined marketing processes and/or be followed up on by the sales team

Businesses that Benefit from Lead Generation Websites

If you want your website to bring leads into your business, you should choose a lead generation website. If you want people to contact you directly about the products or services you offer, you should choose a lead generation website.

Common industries where lead generation websites are effective includes:

  • Construction industry, particularly in the residential sector although all companies in the construction sector can benefit from having a lead generation website
  • Accounting and other providers of professional services
  • Financial industry businesses
  • Real estate and property
  • DIY and home improvement companies including electricians, plumbers, landscape gardeners, HVAC companies, painters, and more
  • Photographers

These are examples of businesses that sell either products or services to customers using their website but where direct contact has to be made for the transaction to take place. If this description fits your business, a lead generation website is the best choice for you.

Features of a Lead Generation Website

The key difference between a standard business website and a lead generation website is the features included on a lead generation website. These are features aimed at encouraging visitors to give you their contact details so you can follow up with them.

If you are using a good website design company in Auckland, they will understand the importance of these features. This includes:

  • Including your contact number on every page in an easy to find location
  • Putting forms on every page
  • Giving visitors a compelling offer that convinces them to become a lead. Examples are a discount, a free consultation, or a free assessment. You could also provide a gated offer. This is where you give the visitor something – a case study, white paper, or tool, for example – in exchange for contact details.
  • Adding social proof such as testimonials
  • Including content that talks to the visitor. This is different from content that explains what your business can do.
  • Using words and phrases that resonate with the visitor and directly address the visitor’s problem or pain point
  • Including trust-building features such as details of professional body memberships, case studies, or client logos
  • Featuring well designed and written calls to action

Including the above features – and having lead generation as the primary focus of the website design process – will give you a website that brings more leads into your business and, ultimately, more sales.

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