Mobile-First Design: Why It’s Critical for Ecommerce Websites and How to Implement It

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Every business owner who runs an ecommerce company knows the importance of great web design and proper SEO. After all, ecommerce is all about selling goods online, so you need your customers to be able to find your website easily and have a good, easy time purchasing your products.

But what about mobile-first design? This type of design is a newer concept than traditional web design, but it can give your business a boost and really improve your profits and your brand awareness.

Mobile-First Design

Why A Mobile-First Design Is Crucial For Ecommerce Websites

What is a mobile-first design? As its name implies, a mobile-first design is a design that’s made for mobile first and adapted to larger computer screens after. Naturally, this is a style of web design that can feel a bit more limited due to how small mobile phone screens are compared to standard computer screens.

However, don’t let that deter you – mobile-first designs are especially vital for ecommerce businesses. The vast majority of New Zealanders, and people all over the world, use their mobile phones for so many reasons, including purchasing their favourite products. Everything from tasty food to locally-made jewellery to fresh flowers can be ordered right from your phone.

Due to this convenience, many people choose to order from their phones, even if they’re at their computer at home. Not having a website optimised for mobile devices can hinder your sales and frustrate your customers.

A mobile-first design is specifically beneficial for ecommerce sites because:

Mobile-First Designs Prioritise Valuable Information. Because mobile screens are smaller, your web designers essentially have a smaller canvas to work with. They don’t have the freedom of a massive computer screen to put in all the information they want. So, they need to prioritise only the most valuable information right at the start.

This way, visitors who click on your site can get relevant information almost immediately without having to click through information and content they might not care about. Of course, if they want that additional info, they can look for it and easily find it.

Your mobile-first design will be ideal for mobile phones and then scaled up for larger screens. So, even people who are looking at your wonderful products on their home computer will be able to access important information very quickly.

Good Mobile-First Designs Often Make It Easier For Your Customers To Find Relevant Info And Products. The fact that your design will prioritise important information can definitely improve your site’s ability to satisfy your customers. They’ll most likely be able to find what they’re looking for very quickly, whether that be specific products or information on how they’ll need to pay.

This convenience can convince people to spend more time on your site and purchase more goods. When your guests are happy and find it easy to navigate your site, they’re more likely to stick around – and the longer they stick around, the more products they see and the more products they might buy.

It’s also vital for your ecommerce website’s payment system to be streamlined. Your web designers should try to make your payment system as quick and easy as possible to avoid customer frustration.

Mobile-Friendly Designs Open Your Business Up To A Bigger Audience. A massive portion of the population chooses to shop online, so by using a mobile-first design for your website, you’re optimising your site for so many more potential customers. Someone looking for your specific type of products may find your site through Google searches and decide to become a regular customer.

How You Can Ensure Your Company’s Site Is Accessible On Mobile

You know that mobile-first design is highly beneficial, but understanding why isn’t the only thing you need to do; you also need to understand how to achieve a mobile-first design.

Luckily, the answer is easy – you just need to work with web designers who understand what they’re doing and how to optimise your site for mobile use. Look for New Zealand web designers who know how to make your site look good and run well on phone screens.

What goes into mobile-first design is similar to, but not exactly like, standard web design. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to go with web designers who solely work on websites that are meant for larger screens and don’t use mobile-first designs.

Additionally, you’ll want to choose web designers who have experience working with ecommerce companies like yours. These experienced designers, like the talented ones on our Kiwi Website Design team, will understand the best ways to design a site that’s ideal for ecommerce goods.

Another option you can choose, along with having a mobile-first design for your site, is to have a mobile app developed for your business. Mobile app development involves creating an excellent app to better get your goods to your customers.

Having a mobile app developed has so many additional advantages and can further enhance your business. For one, having an easily-accessible app on their phone can make it much easier for your loyal customers to order from your company. Rather than having to open up a web browser and search for your site, they can simply click on your app’s icon on their phone screen and shop away.

As you know, better convenience means more satisfaction and more satisfaction means more goods sold. A fine app can keep your customers connected to your business and happy with what they get from you.

How To Make Your NZ Business’s Website Perfect For You And Your Customers

At Kiwi Website Design, we know how absolutely vital good web design is, so we make sure to work hard and put heaps of effort into every single website and app we work on. We’d love to discuss your business with you to see how we can help you!

We invite you to visit our site to learn more about what we do. We’d be happy to create a mobile-first design for your ecommerce website or work on a high-quality app for your site.

Are you ready to get the process started? Please call us at 0800 932 669 if you want to talk or if you have any questions for us.

Kiwi Website Design can help to ensure your website is designed perfectly for your business’s goals and services.

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