The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

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It cannot be understated how important good web design is when creating a website that’s easy to navigate, user-friendly and provides your guests with a good experience. Responsive web design helps to ensure that users across all kinds of different devices have an easy time accessing and viewing your site and therefore have an easy time learning more about your business and purchasing your goods or services.

Some people may think that as long as they have good, high-quality products and services, they’ll do well. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Poor web design can be off-putting, and it can turn people away from your site and business as a whole.

To really impress your site guests, be sure to invest in web developers who can create a website with fantastic responsive design, along with everything else that comes with a fantastic user experience.

Responsive Web Design

What Is Responsive Web Design?

What exactly is the ‘responsive’ part of web design? Of course, web design itself refers to designing and developing a website that’s fantastic in both a practical and visual sense.

However, when people say responsive design, they’re referring to how well the site is displayed and used across a variety of devices. As in, how well a website’s design responds to different screen sizes and formats.

A fantastic site with excellent design will be available to use on many devices, such as:

  • Computer Monitors. Monitors come in a wide variety of sizes. Good, responsive websites should be able to display clearly on any size screen.
  • Mobile Phones. Many of us do our shopping and searching online, so you’ll want a website that can adapt to the smaller sizes of smartphone screens without sacrificing quality or visibility.
  • Tablets. Tablets and electronic pads are larger than phones but still generally smaller than most computer monitors. Your website should have good responsive web design so that it can display clearly on any tablet that opens it.

As you can imagine, good responsive design can have plenty of benefits for you as a business owner. A website itself can boost your sales and brand awareness like never before, so you want your site to be accessible to as many people and devices as possible.

Why Is Responsive Design So Crucial To Good Web Design?

There are so many reasons why your web developers should always pay attention to responsive design as they design your website. Your website should never be designed to only be used on a specific-sized screen because many people use a variety of differently-sized screens, and incompatible websites can look very awkward on screens that they weren’t meant to be displayed on.

Great responsive web design has the following very important advantages:

It Makes Your Site More Mobile-Friendly. As mentioned above, so many of us are using our handy smartphones to get shopping and browsing done. It’s easy to pick up your phone and search for some items on your shopping list, and hundreds of thousands of people do that every single day in New Zealand.

If someone in Auckland is looking for a company like yours, they may search for keywords relating to your business, and they may find your site. However, if they visit your site on their phone and find a clunky site that’s hard to navigate, they’ll most likely click away and look for a competitor with a site that’s easier to use.

So, poor responsive web design can cause you to lose potential customers. Conversely, great responsive design that works quickly is more likely to get people interested. You should absolutely choose to have a site designed that’s made to adapt to different screens.

It Tends To Make Your Pages Load Faster. A fantastic responsive design can cause your site to load faster on mobile devices and devices with smaller screens. People rarely like to sit around and wait for a page to load, especially if they’re not sold on your business yet.

It Improves User Experience. Naturally, websites with better design are more likely to satisfy your guests and improve their experiences. Good graphic design, easy navigation, fast load speeds, responsive design and more can all improve your guests’ experience.

People can appreciate when a site has a wonderful design, even if they’re not well-versed with the ins and outs of what exactly makes a website’s design good. A site with good, innovative design shows that you genuinely care about your customers and want to give them the best experience with your business possible.

Lower Bounce Rates. Responsive, well-designed sites can clearly improve user experience, which can then lower bounce rates. Basically, they can increase the amount of time people spend on your site and decrease the amount of people who click away quickly without exploring your business.

Naturally, this is extremely good for any business that wants to boost profits and expand their customer base. The more time someone spends on your site, the more likely they are to purchase some of your goods and services.

Better SEO. Mobile-friendliness and other benefits of responsive web design can improve your SEO and your search engine rankings, which can then improve your site’s traffic and how highly your site appears on Google’s search results pages.

On top of this, we highly recommend investing in SEO services to further boost your site’s rankings. The more you improve your site and business in different ways, the more likely people will find your site and love your products.

How Can I Make Sure My Website’s Design Is Responsive And User-Friendly?

Now that you know how important responsive web design is, you’re undoubtedly wondering how you can improve your site’s responsive design. Fortunately, the answer to this question is simple – come and speak with us at Kiwi Website Design! We specialise in helping business owners like you improve your sites and SEO.

We invite you to speak to us about your site, business and what we can do for you with our web design services. Please call us at 0800 932 669 for more information.

Kiwi Website Design can help you get your business out there and help you thrive.

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