The Essential Elements of a High-Converting Ecommerce Website Design

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High-Converting Ecommerce Website Design

What’s one of the most essential parts of an ecommerce website? Ensuring your guests stick around to buy something, of course! You want your curious customers to be intrigued by your website’s design so they stay to see what you have to offer. Remember, first impressions are important, and the way your site looks and feels can make a very good (or very bad!) first impression.

What exactly are the elements of a high-converting website? Your end goal is to have a website created that generates the most clicks and sales as possible, but the steps to that goal may seem blurry if you’re not sure where to start.

So, we’ll start from the beginning; keep reading for information about:


  • What a ‘high-converting website design’ is.
  • The key elements that go into a successful ecommerce website. 
  • How you can ensure your business’s website is high-converting.


What Is A High-Converting Website Design?

Basically, a high-converting website is a website that gets people to stick around and act how you want them to act.

If you’re an ecommerce website, having a high-converting design means that the way your site is built encourages people to stay, look at your products and ultimately support you by making purchases.

Websites with poor design can quickly turn people away, sometimes even before they look at the goods the site has to offer.


What Your Ecommerce Website Needs To Be More Successful

There are plenty of things that go into successful websites with high-converting designs. It’s vital that your web design team uses these tactics thoughtfully, as leaning too hard into certain methods can make your site look awkward or confusing.

Instead, a good balance of smart design elements is a must.

Some elements of the most successful ecommerce sites are:


Quick Load Times.No one wants to sit around waiting for webpages to load, especially if they’re clicking through heaps of different products! Your site should have quick load times that help people look at all of the things they want. If they’re browsing through your goods and they have to wait a minute for each page to load, they’ll certainly turn away in frustration.

Some load time is inevitable in most circumstances. So, you can also consider adding a loading animation to your website to give your guests something to look at as they wait.


Regular Updates.Old blog posts and outdated information can make websites look neglected. Who wants to shop from a business that isn’t current? Make sure you keep your website updated with new information regarding your business, posts or interesting articles. Even the mere presence of clear updates can influence peoples’ decisions.

User-Friendly Navigation.The last thing you want is a site that’s hard to navigate. Your site should have clear, easy-to-use navigation that anyone can use, even if it’s their first time on the site. This way, they can find all the wonderful things you have to offer quickly.

Consider adding navigational pages and a sitemap to direct your guests to your products, the different categories your goods fall under, your contact information and more.

Mobile Site Optimisation.Lots of people in Auckland and all over New Zealand use their phones to shop, so optimising your website for mobile usage is an absolute must. Every ecommerce company that wants to be successful should certainly have their website’s design be responsive and scalable to differently-sized screens.

If you really want to offer your customers the epitome of customer service, you can also have a mobile app developed for your business.  An app can give your customers an easy way to access what you have to offer without having to go through a search engine or internet browser – talk about convenience!

A Search Feature. Many of your guests are looking for specific items or specific categories of items, so a search feature can really help them out. Make sure you have a functional search option added to your site so people can easily look for what they want.

Many people get frustrated if they have to manually scroll through pages of goods, especially if they want to find a particular item they want.

Smart Call To Actions. A call to action is something that encourages your site’s guests to act. A CTA can point to certain products, your customer’s shopping cart or more. But please note that too many CTAs aren’t always a good thing. A constant barrage of big buttons telling your guests how to act can be annoying and extremely frustrating.

So, try to use your CTAs smartly. Have a good balance of these CTAs and put them in places that are visible but not annoying or in-your-face. People enjoy having clear directions, but they don’t want to be ordered what to do.

A Healthy Social Media Presence. We all use social media now, and you probably have several personal accounts for yourself. Have you considered using your favourite social media platform as a tool? You can create accounts for your business to connect with your community and advertise your goods at the same time.

People who see your entertaining and informative posts during their daily scrolling may become intrigued and charmed by your online presence.

Simple And Straightforward Payment Methods.No one wants to fill out a dozen forms just to buy a new product. Make sure your site’s payment methods are quick, easy to understand and very straightforward.

Quick checkouts can encourage people to buy more, whereas lengthy, annoying checkouts can turn people away forever. Think about it – you see a product you like and you want it, and the checkout button is right there! It only takes a minute, why not buy it?

What You Can Do Right Now To Make Sure Your Ecommerce Website Has An Effective Design

Are you ready to boost your sales and get your unique goods out to New Zealand? Call us at Kiwi Website Design; we’ll help you out! We know all about the best ways to create high-converting website designs. Check out our web design service to see what we can do for you.

We can use all of the above-listed tactics and more to turn your website into a successful, high-converting ecommerce site. You can reach us at 0800 932 669 if you’d like to chat.

The world of ecommerce is bustling, make sure your site stays successful with Kiwi Website Design!

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