Top Web Design Trends to Follow in 2023

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The world of web design is constantly changing, evolving and adapting to new trends and popular ideas. So, smart web designers must follow and keep up with the most current web design trends of the year.

As a business owner, it’s vital that you stick with intelligent web designers who stay up to date with the current hot topics regarding web design – you don’t want your site to look outdated and unappealing!

So, what’s new with web design in 2023? The year is still young, but there are plenty of trends and cool features that people are getting into, and many of these things will stick around for a while.

Web Design Trends

What’s Hot In The Web Design World In 2023?

What are 2023’s most appealing web design trends? This list is still evolving and changing and might look entirely different by the year’s end, but for now, you should think about the following:

Artificial Intelligence. AI has recently become a massive thing with web design and search engine optimisation and will most likely stay for years. Nowadays, it’s hard to find a website that’s not using some form of AI.

When it comes to trendy web design, AI assistants are very popular. Have you ever hopped on to a website, only for a chatbot to start talking to you? These little assistants are useful AI tools that allow guests to speak to them for assistance and answers to their questions. They can answer certain questions, and if they have no good answer, they can help the guest get into contact with a real person who can help.

Aside from what your site’s guests see, AI is also used behind the scenes. AI can analyse sites to find spots that need improvement, come up with smart keywords that you should hit with your content and more.

Scrolling Effects. Scrolling effects are very popular now because they make exploring a site much more interesting. These effects can alter the appearance of a site as a guest scrolls, making the site look a lot cooler and more appealing than a static site that doesn’t change until you click something.

Scrolling effects increase user engagement, and they look cool!

Cinemagraphs. These are videos or GIFs that run on a continuous loop as your guests explore your site. They’re awesome, eye-catching and make your site a lot more interesting. Many of us are used to websites that stay still, so clicking on a page and seeing cool gifs is a real treat.

Cinemagraphs are even more effective when they’re perfectly looped because your guests can have fun watching the smooth transitions.

Minimalism. Sometimes, less is more, and that’s all too apparent with web design trends that embrace minimalism. Minimalism is essentially the art of finding beauty in simplicity. Instead of bombarding your site’s users with heaps of colour and text, you’re letting the beauty and gravity of your work speak for itself.

When paired with the right amount of text and colour, minimalism can make your business seem more modern, contemporary and professional. Try to find the balance between too much and too little information so that your users have a good experience on your site.

Microinteractions. Interactions are very common on most websites. These include comment sections, user surveys, watching videos and more. Basically, anything that allows your users to interact with the site.

Microinteractions are like this, but they’re more minor, and the right amount of them can improve a site. For example, a very popular microinteraction right now is to add a progress bar that progresses when your guest scrolls or fills out information.

Mobile-Friendly Designs. Everyone’s on their phones nowadays, so make sure your site can be used on mobile phones. One of the best web design trends is to be sure that your website has a responsive design that allows it to adapt to differently-sized screens, from large televisions to small mobile phones.

If your site isn’t optimised for adaptability and responsiveness, it could turn people off of your business. Your site should be easily readable and usable from any device.

Personalisation. Most sites and mobile apps have some form of personalisation now. A very common type of personalisation is adding the option to choose between colour schemes, like a light or dark mode. This is a smart feature to have because some people find lighter, white themes too harsh and hard to look at.

‘Just For Fun’ Interactions. This refers to cute or cool animations that don’t really serve any purpose besides being amusing. This is a big one among web design trends in 2023 because they show that you don’t just care about getting your goods to your customers, you also care about putting a smile on their face.

There can be cute little interactions or visual effects that boost user engagement and happiness.

Loading Animations. You should always strive to have a website that has very quick loading speeds, but it isn’t easy to make pages load immediately. What do you do when your page is loading? Easy – add in loading animations.

Loading animations are a simple yet effective way to give your guests something to look at and keep them engaged, even when the page isn’t loaded yet. Instead of clicking on your page and then getting distracted as it loads, people can watch the nice loading animation and keep their attention on your site until the page loads.

You can pair quick loading speeds with lovely loading animations to always hold your audience’s attention. Try to ensure your loading animation is engaging and nice to look at.

What You Can Do To Make Your Business’s Website Even Better

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