Why Voice Search SEO is Necessary in 2021

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Apple’s Siri, Samsung’s Bixby, and Amazon’s Alexa have revolutionised online searches. People are slowly shifting from typed to voice searches. Who can blame them? All you need to do is dictate what you want, and you immediately get an answer. This has resulted in voice search becoming one of the fastest rising online business trends. You’d only be hurting your business if you didn’t invest in voice search SEO. 

The investment essentially ensures your website is positioned well when someone searches for the solutions you provide through voice command. To help you understand why I will be discussing the following in the article:

  • Importance of voice searches
  • How voice searches provide quick answers
  • Voice searches SEO tips to help you rework your website content for it. 

Let’s get started!

Importance of Voice Searches

You can’t overlook the boom in voice searches. Adobe conducted a survey to determine the rise in the use of voice commands. 

Participants used voice command for the following:

  • 52% used it for directions to a place. It is easy for customers to use Google to find restaurants and stores that are listed in Google My Business. 
  • 48% used it for web searches. Small and medium size businesses can beat bigger competitors to the punch by using phrases that match voice search terms as well as typed search terms. 
  • 16% used it for shopping. This is a great opportunity for retailers and stores to increase online traffic. 

As more people are using voice searches on the go to find the nearest restaurant, cafe, and other local businesses, it is important that you revise your SEO content to include search terms like ‘restaurants near me’.

Provides Users Quick Answers

People today have a shorter attention span than ever before. They want the information they seek online almost immediately. Otherwise, they leave the website. 

Voice search allows users to get the answers they want quickly. Try it for yourself, ask Siri, Bixby, Alexa, or any other digital assistance platform for the best Italian restaurant near you. You’ll have a ton of results in a matter of seconds, usually ranked from best to worst. 

The overall process requires minimal effort by the user since there is no need to type. By optimising your website for voice search, you enable your website to provide the answers users seek. Not only will you increase traffic but improve user experience. Ultimately reducing the bounce rate because users get the exact information they seek. 

But of course, how you optimise your website for voice search plays a significant role. Tailor the content to include the exact information your target market seeks. 

Are you convinced yet? Voice search is here to stay, and you need to capitalise on it, staying one step ahead of the competition. We have some tips that will help you do that. 

Voice Search SEO Tips to Implement

Use natural language

There is a big difference in the language used in voice search and typed search. People talk to voice assistants as if they are speaking to a human. So, when they ask their voice assistant a question, they use natural, conversational language. 

For example, instead of writing like “Italian restaurant”, write it like “find an Italian restaurant near me”. In this way, Google will be able to match your website content with the voice search query and display your website in the search results. 

Focus on long-tail keywords

Typed searches are usually shorter than voice. Users typically phrase their voice searches in the form of a question.,making them much longer than typed searches. According to Backlinko, 29 words is the average length of voice searches.  

You need to focus on long-tail keywords to increase your chances of ranking higher on voice searches. You can still incorporate short-tail keywords for SEO purposes, but mix it up. Long-tail keywords have added benefits because you can use more keywords and make them sound natural. They have a higher conversion rate to short-tail keywords and are comparatively easier to rank higher on.

Examples of long-tail keywords:

  • Best Oriental restaurant in Auckland
  • Top dental clinic near me
  • SEO tips for small businesses

Content should answer questions people are likely to ask

Research on commonly asked questions related to your product and services. Not sure where to look? Focus on the frequently asked questions related to your industry. The who, what, why, and how’s. Check Quora or even Google’s “People also ask” section. These should help you figure out the questions and phrasing. 

Once you’ve lined up your questions, write concise and accurate answers for them. People want quick and short answers. When you provide it to them, they are more likely to opt for your solutions. 

Get Listed on Google My Business

No matter what size a business you have, getting listed on Google My Business is a must. The listing serves two purposes, it contributes to your overall SEO efforts and notifies Google of your business location. Remember that when it comes to voice searches, location plays a vital role since people tend to search with the term ‘near me.’ So, the listing essentially helps you rank better for such searches within your area. 

Our Final Thought

Voice search SEO is sure to improve your brand awareness, generate traffic, and bring business your way. You can no longer sit on the fence when it comes to optimising your website for voice search. The sooner you implement it, the better for your business. 

Millions of people are using voice commands to search for all kinds of solutions. You must ensure your business shows up as one of the top results. 

While our tips should provide you with a basic guideline on how to optimise for voice search, you still need a comprehensive marketing plan. Get in touch with KWD, and our team can transform your SEO performance, getting you the results you deserve. We have helped many New Zealand businesses rank higher on search engines. 

You can also request a free website audit, and we will help identify issues in performance so you have an idea of what can be done to improve sales and marketing efforts. 

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