Agile Vs. Waterfall: Which Software Development Methodology Is Right For You?

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Agile Vs. Waterfall

When it comes to software development methodologies, there are two main types that are predominantly used in the world of software development: agile and waterfall. Each method has its strengths and weaknesses, and you may be used to one or the other.

But, a key way to make your future projects better and more streamlined is to explore different development methods and determine which is best for you. What if a different development style is better for you?

Read on to learn more about the two main types of software development, agile and waterfall.

What Are These Development Methods?

This may sound confusing if you’ve never heard these terms before. What are the agile and waterfall methods of software development? Let’s break it down:

Agile Development

Agile development is a methodology that emphasises flexibility and collaboration. It’s the more recent method that’s been adopted by developers all over the world, as opposed to waterfall which is an older method.

This method of development is based on the idea of breaking down a project into small, iterative tasks that can be completed quickly at different times. This type of software development methodology is much more flexible than its waterfall counterpart and is often embraced by modern developers who work on teams.

Agile development teams often use short sprints to work on these tasks, and they regularly meet to assess progress and make adjustments when needed.

Agile developers also often encourage more client interaction. Because the development style is flexible, it’s easier for clients to have a say in what is going on, and it’s easier for developers to make changes at any stage of the project.

A few pros of agile development are:

However, there are also cons:

  • Agile development can be more difficult to manage than waterfall. With so many tasks going on simultaneously, you’ll need an organised system to keep everything in order.
  • The project timeline may be uncertain. With shorter deadlines and constant changes and adaptations, the timeline of your project may change.

Waterfall Development

Unlike agile development which encourages flexibility, waterfall development is a far more rigid and structured method. The waterfall method treats each development phase as a singular event that is started and completed before the next phase starts.

For example, after the design analysis process is started, it will be fully completed before the design phase begins. Then, the design phase will start and be fully completed before the coding stage, and so on.

Waterfall developers often use detailed project plans to track the development process as it goes on.

A few pros of waterfall development are:

  • Waterfall provides a solid plan. Unlike agile’s flexibility, waterfall will give you a clear plan of how things will go. These plans have clear requirements and well-defined goals.
  • Waterfall is easier to manage. This software development methodology is easier to manage due to its clear-cut nature.
  • The development team can establish requirements early on. Doing so makes the process a bit easier to complete, as requirements and adaptations won’t constantly be changing. This can make the process less confusing.

However, there are also some drawbacks:

  • Waterfall is less flexible. Having good flexibility is an advantage because some things may not work out as planned. Agile teams have an easier time returning and fixing issues in other phases.
  • Making changes is more difficult. If you treat each step as an isolated event, it can be difficult to go back a few steps to make changes if new problems are found in current steps. Repeatedly having to open and close previous phases can be difficult and frustrating.

So, Which Type Is Best For Me?

You may wonder, “Which software development methodology is right for me?”

The best way to decide which method is right for you is to consider the specific project that you’re working on. Some projects may fare better with agile development, and others may be more suited for the waterfall method.

If you need software developed and you’re not sure which method to go for, your best bet is to speak to a qualified team of software developers so you can gain valuable insight into your situation. Some development teams prefer agile, others prefer waterfall, but adaptable teams can recognise when one method is better for a project than the other.

You should speak to your software development team about the different software development methodologies and about which is best for your current project. They’ll go over your goals and your requirements for your software to determine the best pathway for you.

How Can I Find The Right Software Development Team For My Project?

Regardless of your project or the development method you choose, it’s essential that you pick a fantastic software development team! The right group of people can make all the difference.

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