How To Optimise Your Website For Voice Search

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As technology evolves, so do the ways in which we use it every day. People nowadays use their phones, computers and other devices in new and exciting ways. Particularly, many people are now using voice search to search the web and look for new products and services. This is why focusing on voice search SEO when improving your website’s search engine optimisation is so important in 2023.

At first, you might be asking, ‘what’s the difference between regular search engine optimisation and voice search optimisation? Is it really that different?’

You could be shocked to learn about all the subtle and direct ways you can improve your site’s voice search optimisation. Read on to learn why enhancing this aspect of your site is so important, how it can be done and who can do it for you.

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What Is Voice Search Optimisation And Why Is It Important?

Voice search optimisation is where certain tactics and methods are used to make your content more likely to appear after searches are done with voice search. So, voice search SEO is similar to, but not exactly like, regular search engine optimisation.

If you stop and listen to people making searches via voice search, you may notice a few things that make voice search queries different from traditional text searches.

For one, voice searches are often far more conversational. While you might open Google to type in ‘restaurants near me,’ if you’re using voice search, you’ll most likely say something like, ‘hey Siri, are there any good restaurants around here?’

As you can see, even though both of these questions have the same goal, they’re structured differently. SEO experts need to adapt their strategies to compensate for these differences.

You may be wondering if voice search SEO is that crucial to success. You should know that more and more people are using voice search, and the number of people using it will undoubtedly rise. So, voice search optimisation is vital to give your website the boost it needs to reach these people.

But how can you do this?

How Do I Improve My Website’s Voice Search Optimisation?

Your content’s voice search optimisation can be improved by following simple tips and tactics. We know how voice searches differ from text searches, so now we just need to learn the best ways to hone in on those differences and make content more accessible for people using voice search.

These tactics can be combined with the standard SEO trends and tips we all know and use to truly maximise your content’s potential. Some of the best voice search SEO tactics include:

Make Your Content More Conversational. People rarely speak to their devices in the same way they write quick text searches. If you’re searching for the answer to the question ‘how much water should I drink a day,’ you might write ‘daily water intake for adults.’ However, if you ask your device the same question, you’ll most likely phrase it like, ‘hey Alexa, how much water should I drink a day?’

As you can see, the voice search is far more conversational; it’s as if you’re speaking to a live human who can give you an informed answer. Therefore, try to have your content be conversational rather than sounding like a calculated passage. Make your content sound like you’re in the same room with the reader and you’re telling them all about your goals and your main message.

Make Your Content Easier To Read. Voice search is often used very casually, and not many people use hard-to-understand and overly difficult words when speaking casually. Ensure that your content is easy to read and understand. Readers are more comfortable when they can easily understand the message you’re trying to convey.

Voice search SEO often focuses on sounding like a natural, living person who can give your customers the information they need.

Focus On Location. Along with being conversational, a lot of voice searches are basically asking where certain goods and services are in the location that the asker is currently in. Questions like ‘good restaurants near me?’ and ‘awesome clothes stores near here?’ are very common. So, it’s crucial that you make your location clear in your content.

Be sure to include your business’s country and city in your content. This way, if someone asks, ‘are there any cool businesses in Auckland that I should look out for?’ your company just might pop up.

As with any other voice search SEO tactic, do your best to include your information in a natural way. Imagine you’re talking to a friend and see how organic your speech feels.

Include Questions. Something that’s pretty much universal with voice searches – and regular searches – is that many of them are questions. ‘Are there any good restaurants here?’ ‘Where can I go for fun in Auckland?’ ‘Can I rent a bike near here?’ Therefore, including questions and question-based keywords can be a massive help when you want to maximise your search engine optimisation.

Doing so may seem awkward initially, but the more you change your thinking to think in more conversational ways, the easier it gets. Think about questions that customers could ask regarding your business and include them in your content. If you do, someone who asks that same question through voice search may find your company’s website.

That’s the beauty of voice search SEO. You’re adapting your website to sound more like a friend rather than a stranger. Your customers have questions, you have the answers, and you can use voice search optimisation to get your answers to the right people.

What Can I Do To Have A Website That Could Reach The Top Of The Search Results?

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