The Role of Artificial Intelligence in SEO: Opportunities and Challenges

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Artificial intelligence is everywhere in the modern world. In fact, you’re probably using or benefiting from artificial intelligence every single day. AI can be used for so much nowadays, but did you know that it can be used to improve your business’s website’s search engine optimisation?

Yes, smart tools can be utilised by talented SEO experts to augment your websites and mobile apps like never before. AI is certainly changing the world of search engine optimisation. 

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, frequently shortened to ‘AI,’ is what it sounds like – stimulated intelligence. It’s using computers, or other types of technology, to stimulate intelligence and create interesting results. 

AI can take in data and create results corresponding to that data. This process can be used for everything from creating AI-generated images, developing SEO keywords to improve your search engine rankings and even analysing your watch data to suggest new shows on your favourite streaming service.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in SEO: Opportunities and Challenges

How Does AI Relate To SEO?

The topic of artificial intelligence is extremely intriguing, but what exactly does this have to do with search engine optimisation?

In actuality, it has a lot to do with SEO because it can help your website reach the people searching for your type of goods or services. 

Some of the ways in which AI affects SEO and search engine results are:

Improved Voice Recognition For Voice Searches. When anyone turns on speech-to-text and speaks to their phone or smart device, they’re utilising artificial intelligence. The AI program in their device listens to what they have to say, uses its technology to interpret your sounds into recognisable data and then conducts your search. 

This process is important for both you and your potential clients. Better AI can more accurately understand your customers and get them to your page. For your clients, the accuracy is convenient and very helpful.

More Accurate Local Search Results. If you’re a business with a physical location, it’s essential that your page shows up when people in your area search for your goods and services. If you’re a clothing shop and someone searches for ‘awesome clothes stores in Auckland,’ you want your page to be at the top of the list. 

Smart AI technology can ensure that local searches get the best results. Even if you have to alter your details, AI will pick up on your changes and ensure your customers can still find you. 

Better Results Overall. Have you ever asked a search engine a question only to get results that were completely unrelated to your query? With clever AI tech, the chances of that happening again is pretty minuscule. 

Artificial intelligence can be used to ensure that question-askers get the most accurate results possible. They’ll surely be able to find fantastic answers to their questions very quickly – and hopefully, if they search for what you do, they’ll find your business with a click or two.

Can AI Be Used To Improve SEO?

Along with AI being involved in making your SEO more effective from a search engine results point of view, it can also be used to make your SEO content more effective. Better content means more recognition from the algorithm and, of course, happier customers. 

Artificial intelligence can be used to:

Research Effective Keywords And Topics. Finding the right keywords and topics is very significant regarding search engine optimisation. You need to find keywords that are interesting and relevant to your business, and you need topics that people want to click on. 

AI can be utilised to analyse your details to produce keywords and topics that are most likely to capture your audience’s attention. Even if your business can offer them exactly what they need, they might not be interested in your business if your titles and content aren’t interesting to them. 

With AI, you can find content topics that are genuinely compelling. People will see your content, want to click on it and then be satisfied with the information you’ve given them when they’re done. 

Analyse A Website’s SEO Quality. Even if your web page is finished or partially complete, you can use smart AI programs to analyse its content to see if it’s ideal. AI can tell you what you did right and where you could improve. The changes and suggestions that AI makes can be subtle yet extremely effective.

Automate Certain Processes. Particular processes can be very tedious and take a regular human a while to complete. This is an issue because that person could be using their time more effectively. Luckily, certain processes can be automated by AI to produce quality results in much shorter times. 

Of course, not all processes can be automated. Certain tasks that require creativity or human sense are better left to experienced SEO professionals.

Are There Any Challenges To Using AI For SEO?

When you first learn of AI and SEO, you might think that it sounds like it’ll make human writers and experts obsolete. If artificial intelligence can do it, why not entrust your work to it?

This isn’t quite how it works because AI must still be programmed and used by humans to produce the best results possible. 

If you rely only on people and use no AI tools at all, your results may take longer to complete and they may not be as effective according to the algorithm. However, if you rely only on AI to create your SEO content, your results may have an inhuman feel to them, and the AI could make simple mistakes that a human would catch. 

Basically, the best way to use AI is to put it in the hands of experts who know what they’re doing. SEO professionals can balance their own human experience with the usefulness of AI tools to create websites, apps and content that is truly effective.

Where Can I Find Talented SEO Experts Who Can Use Skill And AI To Enhance My Business?

SEO tactics can be used with AI to create magic. And at Kiwi Website Design, we know exactly how to use it to its maximum potential.

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