How to Rank Micro Niche Websites on Google: 6 Must-Know Tips

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Do you operate in a micro-niche industry? Are you looking to build an online income in a micro-niche industry? One of the keys to your success in both situations is to get your website ranking as high as possible for as many relevant keywords as possible on Google.

Achieving this objective will bring additional targeted traffic to your website, which you can then convert according to your business model.

How do you rank a micro niche website on Google? The following must-know tips will help.

Tip 1: SEO in Christchurch is SEO, Micro Niche or Not

There are no tricks or shortcuts to ranking a micro niche website. There may have been a short period of time in the past where there were things you could do to get quick rankings, shortcutting the processes that larger websites had to go through. However, those days are long gone.

Instead, you need to adopt SEO strategies that are very similar – if not exactly the same – as a website in a larger niche or sector. This applies whether you need SEO to target website visitors in Christchurch, New Zealand, or around the world.

The crucial point to remember in this regard is that, when it comes to Google and SEO, a micro niche website is okay, but a thin website is not. Just because your website is focused and highly specialised on a specific topic doesn’t mean you will get away with a website that has barely any content.

Instead, you need to make sure your website adds value to visitors, so they have a good user experience.

Tip 2: Write Fantastic, Best-In-Class Blogs

Writing and posting regular blogs on your micro niche website can help make sure you are offering users valuable content. There are other benefits of blogging on micro niche websites too:

  • Helps build your authority
  • Generates backlinks
  • Provides internal linking opportunities
  • Gives you the opportunity to target a greater selection of relevant keywords, including long-tail keywords

However, there is an important point to remember when it comes to blogs on micro niche websites: you can’t publish any old article. Instead, you need to be informed on the topic so you can provide informative content, the blog must be well-written, and it should engage the reader.

This should go without saying, but it must also be 100 percent unique. Copying content from other websites will not only prevent your rankings from improving, it will push your site in the opposite direction.

Tip 3: Optimise Technical SEO

There are a number of things in relation to technical SEO that you need to check and, where necessary, action as required. They include:

  • Your website needs to be mobile responsive
  • You should install an SSL certificate to make your website secure
  • Make sure the pages on your micro niche site load fast
  • You need a good navigational structure for SEO, so make sure your menus and navigational elements are easy to use and understand
  • Install/set-up Google Analytics and Google Search Console, two free tools that are essential for SEO
  • Make sure the URLs and page titles of your website are SEO optimised

Tip 4: On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is important for micro-niche websites too. This includes making sure you have enough text on each page to make it possible for Google to understand the content and context of your website. The text on your pages should also include relevant keywords.

You will need to use header tags on your pages too, including the main keyword for each page in the H1 header tag.

Plus, you should add a unique and highly engaging meta description for every page on your micro niche website. Including the main keyword of the page in each meta description will also help.

Tip 5: Get Links from Quality Sources

Just like any other website on the internet, getting backlinks is important for SEO on micro niche sites. Therefore, you will need to follow effective strategies for getting links including sharing the content you create, building relationships with other websites in your industry, and guest posting.

Just make sure you build authentic links rather than trying to game the system, as most shortcuts in SEO eventually result in a penalty.

Tip 6: Build Your Brand

The final tip is to build your brand to increase your authority and enhance trust. This is an often-overlooked strategy in SEO, but it is highly effective.

When your brand is strong, you will get more visitors to your website as well as natural backlinks. Visitors to your site will also be more like to convert if you are a trusted voice in the industry.

Making a Success of Micro Niche Sites

There are some SEO experts in Christchurch who believe the era of the micro niche website is over. This misses the point, however, as there are many highly successful businesses locally and nationally that can best be described as micro niche. Is it really the case that they can right off Google as a potential marketing tool?

Of course not: you can optimise a micro niche website for Google providing you follow SEO best practices. A good starting point is the six tips above.

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