The Role Of Social Media In SEO

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In the online world, both social media and SEO are vital when getting eyes on your business. Most New Zealanders, and adults worldwide, are on some form of social media today. Whether it’s staying connected with family on Facebook, watching tutorials and leaving comments on YouTube or even keeping up with the latest news stories on Twitter, most of us use social media in some way daily.

Social media and SEO are not the same, but they can affect one another in a few ways. As a business owner, you know that using every tool at your disposal to boost your company is vital to success, so you’re most likely interested in learning how social media can improve your site’s SEO and search engine rankings.

After all, if practically everyone is on social media, then surely social media can be used to draw more attention to your brand.


Social Media in SEO


What Exactly Is SEO?

First of all, it’s important to understand the role of SEO, or search engine optimisation, regarding your site’s Google rankings.

Search engine optimisation is used to alter your website in a way that makes it more noticeable to Google’s algorithm. When your site and its pages hit all the right marks, Google is more likely to feature it highly on its search engine results. When your site appears higher in the rankings, it’ll be easier for people searching for your goods and services to find, and therefore more potential customers will be driven towards your business.

How Does Social Media Affect SEO?

So, how does social media affect your site’s search engine optimisation and how well you do in the rankings?

Through basic observation, most people can see that posts and content that do well on social media also do well in the rankings. This might make people think that better social media interaction means better SEO, but this isn’t necessarily correct.

While posts that do better on social media often have good rankings, it’s also possible for content to be shared thousands of times without its ranking changing at all.

What’s really happening is that what happens due to the social media activity can boost your site’s rankings, rather than the social media post itself boosting your rankings.

When social media appears to be improving your website’s SEO, what’s actually happening is that:

  • Content that’s shared a lot on social media gets seen a lot by many people.
  • Popular social media content is more likely to get linked to by other posts, content and sites.
  • That influx of links could cause better rankings.
  • In turn, those better rankings lead to more social media attention, which can restart the cycle.

How Can I Use Social Media To Boost My Brand Awareness?

Remember, it’s what happens because of your social media activity that can boost your ranking, not specifically your posts themselves. So, aim to create content that’ll make positive waves among your customers and intended audience.

How can you use social media to build your brand and improve your reputation? Consider the following:

Create Brand Accounts. Creating an account for your business across different social media platforms can get more people to notice you. We’ve all seen those humorous and topical Twitter posts made by big brands that we all know, so we know these types of actions can get more eyes on your business. It’s a form of easy – and free! – advertising that’s simple to execute.

Try to stick to content that’s relevant to what you do. This way, if people find your content by searching for relevant topics, they may be inclined to look more into your business and what you can do for them.

Create Content That’s Worth Looking At And Sharing. Consistently creating content can really help you get more attention, but you shouldn’t just make any kind of content. Posting things that are bland, nonsensical or just grabs for attention may not work as well as you’d hope. Although being consistent is very important on the internet, it’s crucial that you’re consistent with worthy content.

Aim to create posts and blogs that are worth looking at and thus worth sharing. No one is going to share a post that’s a waste of time, but if you put out genuinely interesting content, people are more likely to show their friends and family.

When they do, more people will see your content, more people will link to your content and therefore more people will see your business.

Optimise Your Posts For That Site’s Searches, Similar To Standard SEO. Social media sites are practically search engines themselves. Every good social media site always has a search function built into it that allows users to look for pertinent information on that specific site.

Similar to how you want to optimise your web pages for Google’s search engine algorithm, you’ll also want to optimise your social media posts for the website’s search algorithm. Remember to hit the right keywords and phrases to get the most attention to your brand.

Keep Your Information Consistent, Especially Regarding Local Information. Try to keep your information consistent among all of your social media platforms. Doing so can make it clear to Google, and your followers, that your displayed info is accurate. This can build trust and make it easier for locals to find your business.

For example, if you’re operating out of Auckland, New Zealand, be sure to put that in your account’s description! You can also create content that relates to your area and points locals to your services.

I Need To Improve My Site’s SEO, Whom Can I Go To For Help In New Zealand?

Social media is another important tool that you can use to help your website, and business, thrive. Our Kiwi Website Design team knows everything there is to know about clever digital marketing, effective SEO, innovative website design and more! We will gladly help you improve your site through our digital marketing and other services.

Building a positive online presence is more important than ever in today’s digital world. Are you ready to take your website and business to the next level? Call our team today at 0800 932 669. Or, you can visit our site to view our contact information.

Kiwi Website Design is here to help your Auckland business succeed online.

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