How To Optimise your Website For Google’s Page Experience Updates In 2023

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Google’s algorithm, and thus how Google judges your site, is constantly changing to reflect current times. What got your page to the top of the rankings a year or two ago might not be as effective today. To ensure that your pages are consistently getting to the people who need to see them, it’s vital that your SEO team stays on top of Google’s updates and how your pages and content are judged.

What should you expect to need to pay attention to in 2023? Although the year is still young, you should be aware of plenty of tactics, methods and traits.

Optimise your Website

What Is Page Experience On Google?

First, it’s crucial to understand what ‘Page Experience’ refers to. Page experience is measured by analysing a page’s signals to measure how users perceive the page. It analyses and calculates how enjoyable, easy-to-use and user-friendly a page is regardless of the actual information presented on the page. This applies to both desktop and mobile devices and experiences.

Basically, it’s how pleasant a website is to use. It pertains to:

  • How easy the average person can navigate your site. If someone who has never been to your site can easily make their way around your site without frustration, it means your page experience could be positive.
  • How quickly your site’s visitors find the content on the page they’re on. If your visitor is on a page that’s supposed to give them specific information, such as a list of services or the contents of an article, they should be able to find that information quickly. If they’re bombarded by pop-ups or information preventing them from finding their desired information, this could be a sign of bad page experience.
  • How enjoyable the overall experience is. Everything from easy-to-use web design to lovely graphic design can improve user experience.

How Does Google Judge Page Experience?

As mentioned, Google analyses page signals to judge your site’s page experience. In 2023, these signals include:

Core Web Vitals. These vitals affect user experiences, such as page loading speeds, visual stability and interactivity. Consider making sure your site loads quickly and is pleasant to use.

Mobile-Friendliness. Making your site mobile-friendly is extremely important in current times. Sites that can be used on mobile as easily as they can be used on desktop are likely to rank higher than sites that are purely designed for desktops.

HTTPS. Pages served over HTTPS are likely to rank higher than those that aren’t.

No Frustrating Interstitials. Interstitials refer to boxes or dialogues that obstruct the main content of the page. They can frustrate the user and make their experience less enjoyable because they make the page’s content less accessible.

Is Page Experience More Important Than Content?

Please keep in mind that even though page experience is extremely important and should always be kept in mind when hiring web design experts, that doesn’t mean it’s more important than quality content. Google will still judge pages based on the quality of the information they provide, even if their page experience is slighter lower-quality.

In certain cases, the importance of either quality may vary depending on specific circumstances. Still, it’s best to prioritise producing quality content that benefits your visitors.

How Can I Optimise My Webpage’s User Experience?

Now that you know the main key points that Google focuses on regarding page experience in 2023, how can you make your site more appealing to the algorithm?

Consider the following:

Optimise Your Page Speed. No one wants to sit around and wait for a page to load, especially if they’re unfamiliar with your site and company. So, optimise your page loading speed as much as you can.

Clever web designers know the best ways to ensure your site loads quickly and conveniently when connected to a secure internet connection. Fast browsing will encourage your visitors to explore your site easily, and they may be convinced to make a purchase.

Avoid Obstructive Interstitials. As mentioned above, interstitials that frustratingly block content should be avoided. This does not mean that all interstitials should be wiped from your site. Instead, try to make sure your interstitials are smartly placed and not covering crucial information.

This way, your visitor can still see the helpful content that the interstitial is providing them, but it’s not getting in the way of the content that they came to see.

Ensure Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly. New Zealanders are often on their phones for a vast array of reasons, and you want them to be able to access your site with ease. Please make sure your site is designed to be used on mobile and desktop rather than solely being designed for desktop use.

Your guests will surely appreciate the fact that they can easily navigate your site from the convenience of their phones. If they click on a link to your site and are met with an uncomfortable view of way-too-small text and an awkward look that was clearly meant for larger screens, they could click off immediately.

You can also take things a step further and have a mobile app developed for your company.

Keep Things Consistent. This is something that will probably never change with search engine optimisation and web design – try to keep things consistent. Your website should have a design that flows and makes sense across the entire site. No matter which page your visitor is on, they should be able to tell that they’re still on your site.

Design elements and user experience should remain consistent to help improve your page experience and build your site’s identity. In addition to the design itself, you should also push to keep the content of the pages themselves informative and helpful.

Where Can I Go For Excellent Web Design And SEO Help In New Zealand?

Staying updated on web design tactics can be challenging, but at Kiwi Website Design, we know exactly what we’re doing. We always stay on top of the latest trends to ensure that our clients’ sites are doing well.

Do you want to bring out the full potential of your company’s website? If so, we encourage you to look at our web design services. We will work hard to create a site that’s a pleasure to use.

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