5 Website Design Trends NZ Small Business Owners Should Look Out For In 2021

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Keeping up with the latest website design trends in 2021 is a savvy way to ensure your website is looking its best on the world wide web. With technology ever-changing, and the competition for interactive and innovative website design rapidly heating up, it’s handy to keep an eye out for fresh new ideas that can rejuvenate your small business.

With a focus on small businesses, we have analysed the standout designs and features that will most benefit the growth and development of your brand. We have noticed that internet users want more interaction and more motion in the websites they visit, with a significant increase in video, 2-dimensional imagery and layered homepages.

With that being said, we have done the leg work and compiled a list of the top 5 website design trends for 2021. From motion graphics to user-friendly layouts and interactive questionnaires, we have included the very best:

1. Parallax Animations

The number one website design trend of 2021 is by far Parallax animation, and despite its big name, this is actually a pretty straightforward design feature. Using basic motion graphic techniques, Parallax animation will give your website an active 2-dimensional background. Created through the layering of shapes, colours and images, then scrolling them at different speeds, Parallax animation generates an interactive homepage that entices visitors to delve deeper into your content. 

Because of its huge popularity, Parallax animation is a feature of most new or recently updated websites. Think about some of the standout web pages you have visited recently. Can you remember moving imagery and innovative image design in the layout?

The below image is an example of how Parallax animation works. Take notice of the differing shapes, colours and contrasts of the graphic. The combination of these create the depth necessary to carry out awe-inspiring motion graphics. 

In addition, the clouds, mountains and shadows will move at different speeds, giving the viewer the experience of 2-dimensional animation. This is effective in website design because of its ability to keep the viewer engaged and to make your website stand out amongst the rest. 

2. Scroll Triggered Animations

When your website visitors are navigating their way through the content of your website, they are doing more than just looking for written cues. They are seeking a visual experience. Once your visitors have reached your homepage, the first thing they will do is scroll up and down to get a feel for your website. With similar features to Parallax animation, scroll-triggered animations are 2-dimensional motion graphics that engage with the viewer through a series of movements and layered effects.

Making your website fun and user friendly through interactive graphics is the latest and greatest hot trend of 2021. Many websites are opting for animation on the homepage, and many more are incorporating the scrolling action into additional features. Here is an example of how scroll-triggered animations can make your website more exciting and more immersive:

Starting with a clear, simple homepage like the one pictured above is an excellent place to start. Incorporate scroll-triggered animation into the text, photos, graphics and video of your website design. Notice how the homepage offers the viewer a dynamic experience; with scrolling options that lead your eye around the page, you can create depth interestingly and uniquely. 

Through the scroll of your mouse or keypad, the website design of KWD will take you to another image, additional information and content, as seen above. This is a good example of how effective scroll-triggered animations are and how they can improve the user experience of your website. 

3. Captivating Questionnaires

Another top website design trend for 2021 that small business owners should look out for are homepages that include captivating questionnaires. This is a new trend, and it has hit the ground running in 2021. Not only does this website design feature create an interactive experience for the visitor, but it enables you to specifically target your products or services to your customers’ needs. 

Questionnaires give your business the necessary tools to target your desired demographic of clientele and provide them with a platform that showcases your services in a new and innovative way. Here is an example of a website using a questionnaire for its homepage:

This website design feature engages with your audience in a completely different way. Questionnaires allow for full customisation of your content and are a great way for your website to generate lasting impressions for its visitors. 

4. Storytelling Through Interactive Designs

Engaging with your customers meaningfully and creatively is important for every business, which is why storytelling through website design has become a big website design trend in 2021. Through the use of innovative website design and quality images, businesses are now able to tell the story of their brand in an immersive and compelling way. Here is an example of how a family medicine practice incorporated a scrolling timeline into their website to educate and connect with their prospective clients:

The addition of a timeline to the design of your website is a great way to tell your story through interactive design. The information and images you provide your viewer will communicate who you are and allow them to relate to your brand, evoking emotions through thoughtful and effective design. 

5. Embedded Videos

Knowing the average person spends 6 hours of their day on digital media, it’s understandable that website visitors want an easy to comprehend and clear format in the information they are presented with. With social media and other platforms becoming increasingly more video orientated, it’s not surprising to see how popular video and motion graphics have become website design. Here is an example of how this website has used an embedded video to showcase their satisfied clients:

Embedded videos allow a seamless portal for your viewers to understand who you are, what you are selling and the messages you wish to convey in a simple and easy to digest format. It is widely understood that less is more when it comes to the written content on your website, which is where video has come into its own in 2021. For the late-night visitor, an interactive video showcasing your products and services might just be the way to keep them on your site. 

Want To Know More?

If you have an existing website or a new start-up that requires an expert platform, get in touch with the website design team at KWD. Being experts in the 5 trends we have covered in this blog, KWD can make your website dreams a reality. We offer a free website audit for existing websites and comprehensive quotes and advice for those starting up. Let’s make 2021 your digital year! 

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