10 Old-School Digital Marketing Tactics That Still Work

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The old saying “tried-and-true” couldn’t be more relevant in the digital marketing world. Getting smart with tactics that have been proven to work will give you a leading edge, improving your sales and ensuring repeat business. Whether you’re a seasoned digital marketing pro or just starting out, the following 10 old-school digital marketing tactics will benefit the success and sales of your online business.

1. Building relationships with your clients

No piece of software can replace or compete with the effect forming genuine relationships has with your clients. Simply picking up the phone or meeting with them face to face is one of the most important digital marketing tips we can give you. The evolution of technology has made it too easy for us to send an email or opt for convenient and faceless contact methods, which in the long run negatively affect your clientele and your business.

Digital Marketing Tactics

2.  Word Of Mouth Marketing.

A happy customer will always tell their friends about the experience they had with you and share it on social media. How many times have you had a great experience and rushed to tell someone about it? Unlike traditionally marketing, word of mouth spreads information about your business organically, which builds genuine trust for your business and its services. It has been proven that 90% of people are more likely to trust and buy from a brand recommended by a friend. This statistic alone is absolute proof this tactic still works and most often better than other digital marketing methods.

3.  Having Facetime With Your Audience.

Being on the other side of the world is no excuse for faceless communication. With technology widely available like Skype and Zoom, connecting with and seeing your client is as easy as sending an email. Research shows that 77% of clients like face to face meetings. They prefer these because they believe body language and facial expressions are important in their business transactions. Building and fostering genuine connections with clients not only maintain the success and security of your digital marketing activities, but it allows both you and your client to get the most from your correspondence.

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4.  Cold Calling Prospective Clients.

Cold calling is the old-school digital marketing technique that still works. In fact, it is the main ingredient in building a successful and thriving business. Cold calling is a quick way for you to find new clients and provide helpful refreshers in your sales sector. When 82% of buyers say they have accepted meetings with salespeople after a series of contacts beginning with sales cold calls, it’s hard to argue that phone conversations are a thing of the past. Calling prospective clients is a tried and tested method that generates new leads and business connections. Research also shows us that organisations who believed that cold calling is no longer effective experienced 42% less growth than those who thought otherwise.

5.  Creating Webinars And Live Presentations.

Webinars and live presentations are excellent digital marketing tactics that provide your customers with visually stimulating information. Offering a range of mediums to convey the details of your product or service ensures you are engaging with your client in various ways. Webinars and live presentations also allow you to appear alongside your content, establish personal connections impressing your customers, and make your work more engaging and interactive.

6.  Direct Mail Marketing.

Direct mail is not dead. It is actually one of the most reliable ways to reach prospective clients. The combination of direct mail and digital marketing is proven to increase sales significantly. Here’s how:

  • It is less annoying than the internet.
  • People tend to sort their mail immediately – no junk folders or spam.
  • Direct mail gets excellent response rates – with an 82% average open rate.

7.  Postcard Retargeting.

Reaching out to your clients through informative and engaging postcards is a great digital marketing tool that establishes initial contact and connects clients with your services. Postcards can be distributed through both online and offline platforms such as emails and physical flyers. Targeting your clientele through this method is a guaranteed way to convert browsers into buyers. They draw on the key elements of your business and attract customers to your services.

8.  Creating Promotional Items With Your Logo.

One digital marketing tactic that always works is ensuring that your customers go away with a friendly reminder of their experience with your business. Here are 3 crazy stats that show you how promotional items benefit your digital marketing:

  • 80% of people can recall the messaging of a brand after receiving a promotional product.
  • Promotional products are ranked the most effective form of advertising across all generations.
  • 80% of people immediately react when they receive a promo from companies they’ve never heard of.

9.  Offering Discounts And Freebies.

Everyone loves something for nothing, right? Offering discounts and freebies are the best digital marketing tactics in the book, and for a good reason. Offering a product or service at a discounted rate can be the make or break of a sale. Here are some helpful discount strategies you can use now without hurting your sales:

  • Offer new customers a special offer – not all customers are ready to buy. This tactic will get them over the hill.
  • Reward your loyal customers – their staying power is vital for your repeat business.
  • Use early bird discounts – this will drive customers to buy today.
  • Reward customers and their referrals – keeping everyone happy.
  • Retarget customers with custom offers – this keeps your content relevant to your existing customers.

10.  Reaching Out To Bloggers.

Having your business go viral is a digital marketing dream, and the way to do it is through producing quality written content in the form of blogs. Hiring an experienced blogger is the most useful tool in your digital marketing belt. Bloggers not only provide user-friendly information about your products and services to your clients, but they actually help your business grow by improving your website SEO. Whatever your needs are, having up to date and relevant blogs for your business will attract new clients, provide structure to your content and help you advertise.

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