3 Creative Ways of Inbound Marketing Automation

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Inbound marketing automation doesn’t need to be a complex process. If you’re reading this article, you may already know the basics of email automation. 

We’re here to classify things down in a more simplified way for you and tell various creative ways of inbound marketing automation that help to:

  • Follow up with the leads that show interest
  • Interact reliably with the right audience at an ideal time
  • Get enhanced and better results from a separate content 
  • Assist frequent site visitors by reaching them out proactively

One of the most effective ways to turn all this into reality is by gaining email subscribers. But you should first know why you need to set up inbound marketing automation. 

Inbound Marketing Automation

Inbound Marketing Automation: Why You Need to Set It Up?

It would help if you typically put some effort into outbound marketing. Fully-automated outbound marketing generates a minimal ROI as there’s no one to personalise the sales pitches to make them more approachable. 

However, with the help of inbound marketing, where you set up informational and compelling content to drive the best potential customers, you can continue to get the most out of automation for the years to come. It will help you:

  • Generate leads and drive sales on autopilot
  • Get consistent results after the initial setup
  • Deepen and strengthen customer relationships

It’s well-known that labor is expensive. When it comes to inbound marketing automation, there’s an involvement of initial time investment; when it’s done, all that’s needed is optimization. 

It means that your inbound marketing teams can build an endless series of lead-generating content that continues to be effective after the initial setup. On the other hand, outbound marketing teams typically have to make the same effort to witness similar results week and after. 

3 Creative Ways To Label Solutions Via Inbound Marketing Automation

Gain Organic Leads Via YouTube SEO

A creative way to automate an inbound marketing funnel is from YouTube. It’s imperative to know that YouTube is a social media platform that is mainly considered as an effective search engine than any social network. 

By using the best free online video editor and making videos by SEO-optimizing them, you get the advantage of setting up an automated inbound lead funnel that will work effectively for the years to come. 

For instance, if you go to the search bar and type in “Instagram growth strategy,” your video should be the first one to appear in the organic result. To boost your YouTube video’s organic reach, SEO-optimize the metadata and title of the video. 

To increase the likelihood of top ranking, ensure making short, concise, enticing, and engaging content that enhances watch time. If you post a video with terrific watch time rates and is a drag-on, your video won’t rank organically as much as you expect it to be in a YouTube search. 

Below the video, right in the description part, add a link to your website or the product page. This link will direct the viewers to an automated website that sells your product or service. Here, you can also add the link to a webinar, as it lets the viewers dive deep into the content they want to share. 

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The inbound marketing automation doesn’t need to be an overly complex and extensive system. You can start with some unique automated funnels, like the webinar example. 

Get Rid of The Organic Algorithm Restrictions With a Partially Automated Flow

Are you done setting up the inbound marketing automation? If so, your work doesn’t end here. For instance, let’s assume you have a free course to offer. Whenever a potential customer signs up for it, they become a member of your email list and get an email. 

As the potential customers become email subscribers, you can keep sending them promotions and content all week. But you may wonder how to drive more people into the automated email funnel. You may want to know the ways to get more sign-ups. 

Well, sometimes, it’s not wise to rely entirely on automation. You get the best results when you mix automation with manual labor techniques. 

One good solution is using the classic algorithm-boosting hack of asking the audience to comment down on the post to receive the link for sign-up. The algorithm hack – mainly used on Facebook and LinkedIn – is two-fold. It:

  • Gives you an influx of comments to enhance your post’s profile (something that algorithms love!)
  • Won’t hurt your post’s visibility. 

We’d say to ask yourself after the automation setup – what manual operations you are best at to ensure you are sending as much traffic to the automated funnel as you can.

Try An In-App Message That Comes With A Demo For The Highly Interested Leads

Do you know that you can filter the website visitors? Well, to choose out non-customers who show great interest, you must check for these different website visitor filtration criteria:

  • Being an email subscriber for more than three months
  • Has already downloaded two or more ebooks
  • Have shown interest by visiting your pricing page more than three times
  • Have seen the site more than twice a week
  • Have read some of the case studies

To choose the right set of audiences to offer the demo, you can pick from one of the above criteria or combine it with anything else. If someone on your site reaches all your criteria, here’s an example of what to say to invite them to a 1:1 product demo via a chat prompt. 

“Hello There! Are you all hyped up to collaborate with us? For any design-related work, choose us. Book a free consultation session now!”

Although automating your inbound involves some deep thinking, once you’re done with it running, you’ll keep gaining sales, leads, and deep appointments. 

Ending Note

There you have it, guys – top three creative ways to leverage the benefit of inbound marketing for your product or service on the website. 

Although plenty of tactics are available in the market, the above three are the right choice for you.

You won’t have to be the inbound wizard to determine or check success. Instead, like every other thing in marketing, it will be a trial, error, and test process. 

Once you determine the balance that will be in your significant interest, the leads will start lining up at the door. So, get the most out of inbound marketing automation, and enjoy your stay.

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